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  1. Where to begin?
  2. $200 rebooking fee, cancelled flights, damaged luggage
  3. What is the point of accumulating airmiles?
  4. AA Advantage
  5. AA REVOKED My Elie Milgeage Membership Privileges !!
  6. AA Security Seized My Advantage Mileage !!
  7. 135,000 AAdvantage mileage penalty has been accessed
  8. United and American in the same boat
  9. AA Advantage...Obnoxious and Useless
  10. You can take action
  11. Scamming FF's for fees
  12. Aa.com Unsafe, You May Loose Money
  13. Buyer beware
  14. Misleading e-mail notification
  15. Please help AAdvantage problems
  16. AA Bait-and-Switch
  18. Worthless Miles
  19. AA cancelled my award seats b/c of agent error!
  20. Access to my AAdvantage Account
  21. Upgrade Processing
  22. clearly illegal
  23. AAdvantage executive platinum to the garbage
  24. Citibank says frequent flier miles are taxable
  25. AA Advantage Hostage Fee
  26. Usless Milage Program
  27. Bait and switch on AA credit card
  28. American Confiscates Tickets Closes Member Accounts
  29. Price gouging
  30. Small Claims case against AA Corp Security for taking AAdvantage miles from my acct
  31. AAdvantage Creates Disloyalty
  32. Aadvantage rewards useless
  33. AAdvantage / US Airways
  34. AAdvantage AAte my miles
  35. Frequent Flyer Program AAdvantage Share Miles Program - Deceptive
  36. Frequent Flyer Program Merged Accounts
  37. Customer Service Horrible experience with AA customer service and customer relations
  38. Reservations Bait and Switch
  39. Frequent Flyer Program Useless Miles
  40. Frequent Flyer Program American Airlines & Citi Bank scame
  41. Check-in / Boarding Weapon and Ammunition Flyer Beware
  42. Customer Service ER Visit
  43. Customer Service Customer Service Is Disinterested