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  1. Customer Service Lufthansa - Customer Service Does Not speak to customers
  3. Baggage Problem Lost Baggage‏ & Bad customer service from Lufthansa airlines and Spanair
  4. Customer Service Lufthansa Name the A380 Competition: Total Scam
  5. Baggage Problem Lufthansa - baggage damage
  6. Lufthansa Unwilling to Refund
  7. Baggage Problem Lufthansa hides from customers during crisis
  8. Check-in / Boarding Bad experience on Lufthansa
  9. Check-in / Boarding Lufthansa sucks
  10. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Lufthansa - my wife is stuck what can I do??
  11. Check-in / Boarding Lufthansa Nightmare.
  12. Customer Service Lufthansa Sucks - by design
  13. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Lufthansa Codesharing Flight Canceled
  14. Reservations Lufthansa - Default Fare Class
  15. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked denied boarding in Frankfurt airport
  16. Customer Service Lufthansa - sub-standard service and an attitude to boot
  17. Customer Service Luft Hanza - worst experience ever
  18. Baggage Problem Malev staff steal your items from within your luggage in Budapest airport
  19. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked delayed departure/missed connection
  20. Baggage Problem LUFTHANSA damaged baggage; delays; no response to complaints
  21. Customer Service Lufthansa Staff attitude at Frankfurt Airport
  22. Check-in / Boarding Incompetent Check-in Lufthansa Staff at New Delhi airport.
  23. Baggage Problem Lost and destroyed baggage
  24. Baggage Problem Excessive Transaction Fee Poznan LOT
  25. Baggage Problem Excessive Baggage FEES - Paid $600 for Checking Two Bags. Is this Ridiculous or What?
  26. Reservations Re-scheduling not allowed
  27. Reservations Lufthansa Draconian Fee & Tax Charges
  28. Lufthansa 1489
  29. Baggage Problem Lufthansa lost luggage - horrible experience
  30. Reservations Lufthansa ripoff instead of helping!
  31. Customer Service Lufthansa lost me as a customer.
  32. In-flight Issue Flight issue
  33. Customer Service Lufthanza - lost IPhone
  34. Reservations Cannot get refund for cancelled Economy Basic Plus booking
  35. Reservations I paid for lufthansa/they sold me a seat on united!
  36. Customer Service A horrible Lufthansa experience
  37. Customer Service Poor business standards
  38. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked I want to sue Lufthansa
  39. Customer Service LUFTHANSA is no longer what it was... it does not care nor reply to its passengers
  40. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked rebooking problem stemming from cancellation due to weather
  41. Customer Service habzog
  42. Check-in / Boarding very frustrating
  43. Baggage Problem Lufthansa lost baggage - a scandale
  44. Customer Service Lufthansa stole my laptop and refuses to return it!
  45. Reservations Unreasonable Aer Lingus/Travelocity flight reservation policy
  46. Customer Service Incorrect information regarding the refund for cancellation of ticket
  47. Customer Service Lying to try and force me to fly on my baby's 1st birthday
  48. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked A Category of errors over a series of conecting flights, fees incured, no comp
  49. Customer Service Refusing Paying Compensation
  50. Baggage Problem Don't lose your luggage on Lufthansa
  51. Baggage Problem Charging excess for baggage within weight limits
  52. Check-in / Boarding Lufthansa cancelled my booking
  53. Customer Service Ticket without a ticket number. Cancel and you lose your money.
  54. Reservations Stolen money from bank
  55. Customer Service Stolen money from bank
  56. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked delay of 6 months Plus for refund
  57. Baggage Problem Lost my luggage twice in 2 weeks
  58. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked From dream travel to nightmare vacation with Lufthansa LH2982
  59. Customer Service Problem With having No Surname
  60. Reservations Lufthansa reservations TOTAL RIP-OFF
  61. Customer Service Lufthansa is a model for horrible service
  62. Baggage Problem Lufthansa Service and Customer care is awful. They lost our baggage
  63. Check-in / Boarding Only one piece of baggage???
  64. Customer Service How to really annoy customers
  65. Baggage Problem Lufthansa staff stole 170 Euro's ($300) from me
  66. Baggage Problem Flying Turkey
  67. Customer Service Multiple problems
  68. Suggestion seat selection charge; baggage rule
  69. Complain against Swissair
  70. Customer Service Very poor, unprofessional and careless service from LUFTHANSA
  71. Customer Service That s how Lufthansa treats its passengers
  72. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Schedule Change force upon us and Forfeit the tickets scam
  73. Check-in / Boarding Boarding denial
  74. Suggestion NO Customer [email protected]
  75. Check-in / Boarding Unjustified denied boarding
  76. Customer Service Worse than wal mart LH447/12
  77. Baggage Problem Stroller brocken by Lufthansa staff
  78. Baggage Problem Stroller brocken by Lufthansa staff
  79. Food poisoning 26 Dec LH233
  80. Baggage Problem Suitcase damaged
  81. Baggage Problem Lost Luggage after Check In
  82. Baggage Problem Broke my Bags & Lost my Items
  83. In-flight Issue Broken Headrest
  84. Check-in / Boarding Boarding Denial
  85. Reservations Won't allow any change to flight!!!!
  86. Customer Service Poor Customer service and cheating customer for money
  87. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Lufthansa is ignoring me and their service is disgusting.
  88. Baggage Problem Lost baggage. Ignored by luftansa
  89. Check-in / Boarding Transit visa missing - denied boarding
  90. Baggage Problem Nahid mousavi
  91. Baggage Problem Lost bags
  92. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Cannot get my refund
  93. In-flight Issue Warning when booking Lufthansa in Prime Economy flights in code sharing
  94. Customer Service Rude representative in Kiev Boryspil airport
  95. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Lufthansa LH9542
  96. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Refuses to Issue Refund
  97. Customer Service Extortion and abysmal service
  98. Frequent Flyer Program They stole 70,000 miles from me
  99. Customer Service Was denied in refund
  100. Reservations Lufthanza refuses to waive change fee / fare recalculation for girl with head injury
  101. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Lost Flight Because Of Passport Expiring 4 months after our return
  102. Customer Service Terrible supervisor
  103. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Worst Airline Ever
  104. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Never use Lufthansa for flight from Brussels to Germany
  105. Customer Service Poor service
  106. In-flight Issue Leg room for one leg
  107. Reservations Worst Airline ever/Promised Refund but denied later
  108. Reservations Robbing the flight back?!
  109. Baggage Problem total irresponsability!
  110. Customer Service Bad Service
  111. Suggestion Refund
  112. Baggage Problem Please help !!!!!!!!!!
  113. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Wort airline. Spoilt our whole honeymoon
  114. Customer Service Bad customer service
  115. Customer Service Loss of Personal Item
  116. Reservations A Mafia like shakedown: The story of how we were extorted by Lufthansa
  117. Check-in / Boarding Bounced from Lufthansa Flight 490. Sept 29'18, Frankfurt to Seattle after paying $1,030 for upgrade
  118. Baggage Problem Missing Baggage with Lufthansa
  119. In-flight Issue Exit row ripoff
  120. Baggage Problem Flight LH 1585 Innsbruck to Frankfurt
  121. Customer Service Worst customer experience not ready to help
  122. Customer Service Overcharge for baggage