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  1. Customer Service Etihad Airways - Appalling Service
  2. Customer Service I've had the same crap service from them
  3. Customer Service Etihad Airways - terrible experience
  4. Customer Service Etihad Airways
  5. Customer Service ETIHAD airways
  6. Customer Service Etihad Airways
  7. In-flight Issue Emirates - Falcons (hunting birds) on emirate planes
  8. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Another ETIHAD Disaster journey
  9. Customer Service Etihad - service is far below par compared to most airlines
  10. Reservations e- ticket
  11. Customer Service Etihad airways is appalling
  12. Customer Service Etihad - UNPROFESSIONALISM: should we grin and bear it, pretend its not happenning?
  13. Customer Service Etihad Airways - Customer service
  14. Baggage Problem Etihad Airways - restrictive baggage policy for students
  15. In-flight Issue Etihad Airlines Business Class Lousy Treatment
  16. Etihad Appalling Customer Service
  17. Customer Service Etihad check in staff misappropriating baggage
  18. Reservations I have empathy with employees of Etihad who have to work with a faulty website
  19. Customer Service Etihad Airways--Worst travel experience!!
  20. Customer Service Etihad Airlines Disregard for Passenger Health
  21. Customer Service Swindled by Etihad Airways
  22. Customer Service Etihad Airlines Ignoring my e-mail
  23. Customer Service etihad inhumane people
  24. Customer Service etihad grossly negligent
  25. Customer Service etihad grossly negligent
  26. Customer Service Overweight(Etihad)
  27. Customer Service Etihad airlines... worst airlines
  28. Check-in / Boarding Etihad airways - my biggest mistake
  29. Customer Service ETIHAD - Worst airline on any scale
  30. Customer Service How Much is Your Life Worth?
  31. Reservations Etihad airways has cancelled my ticket without informing me
  32. Reservations Etihad airways has cancelled my ticket without informing me !!!!
  33. Check-in / Boarding I am very annoyed - overbooking
  34. Reservations Surname change on Etihad non- refundable ticket
  35. Customer Service Etihad - the worst airline in the world
  36. Customer Service Etihad - misleading info & poor service
  37. Etihad's Disabled Down-Grade.
  38. Reservations Etihad name on ticket
  39. Reservations Etihad - surname change on a non-refundable ticket
  40. Reservations ETIHAD - Is surname change possible?
  41. Etihad - food poisoning. Warning.
  42. Customer Service ETIHAD - Racial Discrimination
  43. In-flight Issue etihad careless about people with food allergies
  44. Check-in / Boarding Etihad airways not allowing me to board a flight
  45. Customer Service Do not buy etihad. They are the most disorganized, impolite people.
  46. Baggage Problem Etihad airways terrible baggage service
  47. Customer Service Name Change on ticket
  48. In-flight Issue Non-vegetarian served in AVML meal package
  49. Reservations Etihad Portal: No Fare Rules Provided
  50. Customer Service Missing Refund for Cancelled Flight
  51. Reservations Website problems - payment issue
  52. Baggage Problem Poor Baggage Handling
  53. Check-in / Boarding Bad Behaviour & un-supportive approach by Etihad Employees.
  54. Reservations Problem With having No Surname
  55. Customer Service Bad Service => Flight No. EY312 ( Jeddah - Doha) 03 Feb, 2012
  56. Reservations Name change problems with etihad airlines
  57. Customer Service annoying service
  58. Reservations Name change on airline ticket
  59. Customer Service miles not being accrued from partner airlines
  60. Customer Service Name Corrections Policy Etihad Airways.
  61. Check-in / Boarding Etihad airways refuse to board
  62. Customer Service IS this acceptable behavior for Etihad or ANY airline?
  63. Check-in / Boarding etihad - worst airline experience ever.
  64. Check-in / Boarding Check in
  65. Customer Service complain about drinking alcohol on board the flight
  66. Customer Service Miles
  67. Reservations forgot to put the last name
  68. Customer Service Missing Refund From Etihad for nearly 5 months after being promised regularly
  69. Reservations Exhorbitant chanrges for return Date change
  70. Reservations 5000/-US Dollars Fraud from Emirates Airline.
  71. Reservations Really Exorbitant charges for return Date change
  72. Reservations Business Class ticket refund after visa denial
  73. Reservations Etihad and makemytrip.com worst ever
  74. Reservations Cancellation with Etihad and makemytrip.com
  75. Check-in / Boarding Etihad Denies Check-in and Ruins Ramadan
  76. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Horrible Retrun Trip with 2 Babies
  77. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked AirBerlin (now merged Etihad) does not care about customers
  78. Customer Service Etihad Airlines - Excess baggage charges
  79. Reservations Phone Booking- Wrong transactions- NO Refund!!
  80. Customer Service finished with etihad
  81. Customer Service Can Etiahd single tickets be changed into a return?
  82. Suggestion return ticket expiry length
  83. Customer Service A Word of Warning - Keep a Record of all Booking Terms and Conditions!
  84. Baggage Problem Theft by Ethiopian Airlines Ground Staff
  85. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Smart way to make more money out of problems made by ETIHAD! Etihad is rocking!
  86. Reservations Etihad Name Clarifications
  87. Baggage Problem Etihad : Theft of Valuable Items; No update on claim - Disgusting Experience !!!
  88. Baggage Problem Etihad:Theft of valuables;Claims docs sent multiple times, Bgclaims NOT ready to ackn
  89. Check-in / Boarding Not allowing me to check-in
  90. Etihad - Surname Change on non-refundable Ticket
  91. Customer Service Forced to pay twice, and downright disgusting attitude.
  92. Reservations Etihad- Changing fligh dates of a non-refundable ticket
  93. Suggestion Business Class? EY/5G6DB3
  94. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Etihad Sold My Wife's Seat to Someone Else and Won't Refund
  95. Customer Service Etihad Sold My Wife's Seat to Someone Else and Won't Refund Me
  96. Reservations Change Of Date - Problems?!
  97. Baggage Problem Blue Air Robbed me Flt 143 Jan 2, 2013
  98. Customer Service Worst customer service
  99. Reservations Repeated Last name
  100. Baggage Problem Lost Check in Baggage
  101. Reservations Again, one more name change problem!! PLS HELP!!
  102. Customer Service Another Customer Service (Feedback) nightmare - Flight Nos EY42, EY460, EY461, EY41
  103. Baggage Problem Etihad - Huge disappointment
  104. Reservations One letter wrong in first name, help!
  105. Customer Service Pathetic customer service
  106. Customer Service Etihad - Incorrect names on tickets
  107. Reservations Charged twice!
  108. Baggage Problem Lost Eye glasses worth $663 in the overhead bin
  109. Check-in / Boarding Eithad airways left me in tears!!!!!
  110. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Cancelled But not Cancelled and Charged for the NEw Flight
  111. Customer Service Poor Customer Service- No human consideration
  112. Customer Service staff attitude
  113. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked 24 Hour flight delay
  114. etihad airways
  115. Customer Service Worst customer service ever - 6 months and no refund
  116. In-flight Issue In flight services
  117. In-flight Issue 1st traumatizing Business Class experience!
  118. Reservations flying American using Etihad Guest Miles
  119. Check-in / Boarding denied boarding
  120. Check-in / Boarding Mental Harassment and physical assualt
  121. Reservations Customer Service not able to change my ticket dates
  122. Customer Service Etihad name change HONEYMOON
  123. Baggage Problem Etihad worst flying experience of my life with a huge fee for overweight baggage
  124. Customer Service 1800 209 0808 - call this number and fall asleep
  125. Customer Service FNU, Given name in air ticket
  126. Reservations Barney
  127. Baggage Problem Suitcase broken on flight
  128. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Worst Airline ever
  129. Customer Service The worst crew from London to Abu Dhabi.
  130. Suggestion Help me correct my name on my international flight ticket
  131. Baggage Problem Utter disappointment in lack of care for passenger belongings
  132. Customer Service Etihad took three extra payments off my card and then a duplicate flight payment
  133. Reservations I am so angry with Etihad,
  134. Customer Service Etihad : The Most Worse Airline In The World
  135. Reservations Reward booking and Wrong title
  136. Reservations Mistakenly nickname written on ticket booking, Flight no. EY 0058
  137. etihad airways doesn't care - mail NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGED after 5 days !!!
  138. Customer Service add surname
  139. Customer Service Why help customers when you can offend them?
  140. Customer Service One Year Since I Cancelled My Booking - Still No Refund!!!
  141. Customer Service airberlin - unaccompanied minor service = dreadful
  142. Customer Service Worst call center in the whole white world
  143. Reservations name change on non refundable ticket
  144. Customer Service My Etihad experiece
  145. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Etihad Adbentures
  146. Customer Service Need to book ticket through etihad, passport doesnt mention my surname
  147. Customer Service Poor service
  148. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Lost flight transfer (Etihad's fault) and had to sleep at the airport
  149. Baggage Problem Paid Extra amount for my Bag
  150. Reservations Surname & first name interchanged
  151. Customer Service Etihad is an anagram of 'I hated'
  152. Baggage Problem Complaint about Baggage Loss (Ref: 211497)
  153. Customer Service Retro Claims with Etihad - Any tips or Tricks
  154. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Etihad decide to cancel a route 2 weeks before Easter
  155. Baggage Problem Baggage Handling - Customer Serve in the Pits
  156. Reservations surname/name
  157. Check-in / Boarding Denied Boarding For Having No Visa When Transiting Brazil Even With Boardin
  158. Check-in / Boarding Etihad Misinformation Cost Me $6000 and more
  159. In-flight Issue Pathetic business class service ey7601
  160. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked peter bruce
  161. Baggage Problem Etihad holding my luggae hostage
  162. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Flights always delayed and bad service
  163. Check-in / Boarding Etihad - if you are late, we won't wait...
  164. Customer Service The arithmetics of Hala Abu Dhabi
  165. Baggage Problem Etihad...worst flight experience ever
  166. Reservations Illegal Cancellation Charges
  167. Customer Service Myth of long leg Room seat Indifference of Mohamed Kamil-Guest Relations Officer
  168. Baggage Problem Etihad lost baggage 4 days before wedding - It is still missing 60 days past
  169. Customer Service Customer Serive
  170. Customer Service Etihad Guest Affairs Ignores Genuine Complaints
  171. Customer Service Telephone customer service the worst ever
  172. Customer Service Etihad airways: worst first class in the planet!
  173. Reservations Different name situation, please help.
  174. Reservations Nasser Mallah
  175. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Stealing the seat
  176. In-flight Issue No meal options on a 12 hrs flight
  177. Reservations Etihad does not accept maiden name changed with married name
  178. Baggage Problem Missing baggage and flight change
  179. Reservations Addition of Sirname instead of initials...
  180. Reservations Name Change due to marriage....need help
  181. Check-in / Boarding Etihad airways traumatic experience - preflight
  182. Reservations Last Name change on the tickets
  183. Reservations Last name change
  184. Customer Service Etihad airways fooling customers
  185. Customer Service Fooling even business class customers : 14+ hrs transit in Abu Dhabi
  186. Suggestion Improve ground services
  187. Reservations First Name Correction Problems
  188. Customer Service Having to take Etihad to court
  189. Customer Service Strange pre-reserved seats
  190. Reservations Had to validate credit card in person to cancel res
  191. Customer Service Still waiting for refund
  192. Reservations Interchanged First / Last name
  193. In-flight Issue Etihad really getting worst!
  194. Reservations Etihad airways, name correction
  195. Reservations Last name not printed as per passport
  196. Customer Service Poor services by Etihad airways visa department staff in updating ok to board msg
  197. Customer Service A devil hiding behind terms and conditions
  198. Reservations Etihad Cheating in the Name of Surname Change
  199. Customer Service Stolen jewellery, nightmare flight
  200. In-flight Issue Appalling Experience Aboard EY 293 KTM to AUH
  201. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked worst airline ever
  202. Reservations Change flight date, extra checked bag nightmare
  203. Customer Service Interchanged Name in the ticket.
  204. Reservations Name typed correctly ticket issued with half names
  205. Reservations Etihad Airways: Refund not credited to my Account even after 30 days
  206. Baggage Problem theft pouch(Ey 312)
  207. Customer Service Big liar
  208. Check-in / Boarding Protecting my credit card refusing boarding and then taking my money?
  209. Customer Service Shameful Customer Service - Paying Customer Denied Service
  210. Baggage Problem Racist Behaviour & Lost the Baggage
  211. Customer Service Poor experience with Etihad
  212. Baggage Problem Item Stolen from Bag
  213. Customer Service Etihad Customer Care Agent Charged Credit Card Without Customer Confirmation and Misl
  214. Reservations Typo in Passenger Name
  215. Reservations Surname Problems
  216. Baggage Problem Baggage lost
  217. Customer Service Send your complaints about racist attitude to Department of Transportation
  218. Reservations Name Error on Non-refundable Ticket
  219. Customer Service Baggage Claim very poor response
  220. Customer Service First and last time booking with Etihad
  221. Reservations so unpleasant about stric policy
  222. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Going to Venice on EY2878? We'll bus you there from Milan!
  223. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Overbooking, delay, lost bags etc.
  224. Customer Service Etihad; like Aeroflot without the charm
  225. Check-in / Boarding Etihad Airways, 2 day delay and buying my ticket to find help
  226. Complaint against etihad or malaysian
  227. Customer Service Pregnant women poor customer service
  228. Customer Service Off Loaded from Plane with no future dated ticket or help
  229. Baggage Problem Delayed Baggage, No Response from Etihad Baggage claim or Feedback center
  230. Reservations Name Change Issue
  231. Complaint against Etihad (flight numbers EY7052 / EY7064 / EY321)
  232. Reservations Surname need to be deleted on a non-refundable ticket
  233. Baggage Problem Bizarre experience with Etihad EY256 AHU - CCU
  234. In-flight Issue Rude air hostess
  235. Customer Service Beware: ETIHAD's customer service is non-existent
  236. Suggestion Start Crediting Mileage Flown at check-in
  237. Customer Service Worst customer service
  238. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked etihad
  239. In-flight Issue Worst 4 flights from ETIHAD_ all went wrong
  240. Check-in / Boarding Ey344, ey343
  241. Baggage Problem Theft in Flight no 12 & 221 (From LHR - AUH - KHI)
  242. Reservations EY485 QBJLKD... Paid $4700 got nothing from Etihad!
  243. Reservations change the name on ticket
  244. Customer Service Delayed luggage with meds in. Holiday ruined due to very poor customer service!
  245. Check-in / Boarding Refused boarding EY 8705
  246. Reservations Interchanged Firstname /LastName
  247. Customer Service Poor response to complaint
  248. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Unauthorized transaction made by Etihad Airline
  249. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Nonrefund for a refundable ticket
  250. Customer Service Shortened my surname - EY487