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  39. Mrs Dandy
  40. Surname and first name internchnged & refuced to change
  41. Waiting for something to happen!
  42. Etihad Debacle EY 470/4406 & EY 6728/0473 ( OCFZCV - reservation code)
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  44. Surname Change due to marriage
  45. Missing Miles from SPG Transfer
  46. Uphill battle to credit miles on Etihad Guest
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  48. Flight ticket Surname issue
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  50. Boycott Etihad... Emirates and Qatar far better
  51. Etihad Guest no response, no mileage credited
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  55. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Guest Relations [RQID:423700]
  56. Check-in / Boarding Do Not Fly with Etihad, they will abandon you or charge more
  57. Frequent Flyer Program Etihad Guest Less miles credited as per commitment in promotional email in respect
  58. Check-in / Boarding Boarding pass counter service unexpectable
  59. Baggage Problem Not honoring their offer...
  60. Suggestion File your complaints here -->https://www.transportation.gov/airconsumer
  61. Customer Service Need a letter to file claaim
  62. Check-in / Boarding Boycott etihad!!!! Abandoned! Stranded! Cheated by etihad airways!!!
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  65. Frequent Flyer Program Etihad deceiving and cheating guests
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