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  22. Reservations Emirates Airlines splitting up our family to India!
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  25. Baggage Problem Excessive extra luggage costs!
  26. Customer Service I have no words for how badly I am being treated by Emirates EK775
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  28. Customer Service I'm a gold skyward member and Emirates has the worst customer services
  29. Customer Service Lost bag and couldnt care
  30. Customer Service Spirit Airlines has the worst employees on the planet!
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  32. In-flight Issue Worst service on Emirates
  33. In-flight Issue faulty Biz Class Seat on EK A380
  34. Reservations Family abandoned
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  36. Customer Service Shocking treatment of Premium Passangers
  37. In-flight Issue Bad service in reimbursement
  38. Baggage Problem Baggage delay
  39. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked EMIRATES - bad service, no response (France > India)
  40. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked EK 722 - terrible service and response
  41. Terrible Customer Service - Emirates
  42. Customer Service My Money Is Good Enough But Not My Opinion? #EmiratesServiceFell
  43. Customer Service Terrible customer service, negligence and disregard for their rewards members
  44. Baggage Problem Uncourteous - No response to two emails regarding complaint of damaged stroller
  45. Customer Service Assume Closure/Non Response
  46. Reservations Their faulty online system cost me money
  47. Baggage Problem Overcharged with extra baggage charges with Emirates Airines
  48. In-flight Issue In flight service and post flight.
  49. Customer Service did not give me refund as promised and more
  50. Customer Service Horrible Airline. Worst Booking Experience Ever!
  51. In-flight Issue Two toilets for 56 passengers on a 16+ hour flight
  52. Customer Service Disrespect to a passenger
  53. Customer Service Disgusting treatment
  54. Customer Service RACISM AND RUDENESS at Charles de Gaulle EMIRATES Costumer Service
  55. Customer Service Emirates sky cargo is an awful company for pet transportation
  56. Reservations No surname on passport
  57. Suggestion Emirates introduces extra fees for seat selection
  58. Baggage Problem emirates
  59. Customer Service Who Are The Rules Made For?
  60. In-flight Issue crew damaged my bag in flight, Emirates shy away from taking responsibility
  61. Baggage Problem Lost bag! Ruined vacation
  62. Baggage Problem Baggage broken inside
  63. Check-in / Boarding emIRATEs
  64. Customer Service Terminal Illness
  65. Check-in / Boarding Female passenger physically assaulted by Emirates employee
  66. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked More than 20-hour delay?!!!
  67. Baggage Problem Damaged Bags and no compensation
  68. Customer Service Damaged Property
  69. Customer Service Unilateral fee increase and deception
  70. Customer Service Top airline in the world???????
  71. Customer Service REPEATED NO RESPONSE from Emirates, How many times do I have to ask for a response!
  72. Frequent Flyer Program Skywards #383888422
  73. Customer Service Shocking downgrading & refund
  74. Check-in / Boarding Charged for medicines and water for pregnant wife
  75. Customer Service Shocking flights, shocking service
  76. Customer Service Emirates customer service not appropriate
  77. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Bumped off because Emirates customer service rep did not click a button.
  78. Customer Service Physically assaulted by Emirates flight attendant on flight EK006
  79. Reservations Required me to pay a change fee for a canceled flight
  80. Suggestion Air Fare Hike
  81. Customer Service Bad communications
  82. In-flight Issue Cabin crew offers inappropriate services - EK345, Sheena, ID 379063
  83. Customer Service Terrible customer service
  84. Baggage Problem BAG Claim & WEB Reservation
  85. Customer Service JFK lounge closed forever
  86. Baggage Problem Lost Baggage on 15th April 2017
  87. Customer Service Airport facilities
  88. Customer Service AVOID - Dubai airport & Emirates Dnata airlines group
  89. Customer Service Disorganised & inefficient & unprofessional
  90. Customer Service Unacceptable Service by this Airline
  91. Suggestion Contributes & Funds Terrorism
  92. Customer Service Refuse wheelchair service for pregnant woman.