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  1. Cathay Pacific: Poor service
  2. Cathay does not help at all with missed connections
  3. Cathay does not help at all with missed connections
  4. About Cathay Pacific fooling their own customers
  5. Cathay Pacific seats on Airbus 330
  6. Cathay Pacific Airline - Bad Service
  7. Cathay Pacific: Rude and arrogant with Westeners
  8. Cathay Pacific Nightmare - Mechanical Problems on 2 aircrafts on connection flights.
  9. Cathay Infant Fair - Huge Fuel Surcharge
  10. Cathay Pacific is racist!!! Do not fly with them if you are Asian!!!
  11. Cathay Pacific strands hundreds at Hong Kong post typhoon
  12. Cathay Pacific Airline Treats Customers Poorly
  13. Food Poisoning on Cathay Pacific, CX111, KHG-SYD, Dec 16 2012
  14. Cathay Pacific and compassionate refunds
  15. Check-in / Boarding Flight KA 803 Shanghai to Hong Kong Nov 28 2015
  16. Baggage Problem Cathay Pacific crap customer service
  17. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Horrible Airline
  18. In-flight Issue Bitten to bits by flea / bed bugs in first class
  19. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Arrogant and uncoperative
  20. In-flight Issue Racist Horrible Cathay Crew
  21. Customer Service ground crew indifference
  22. Customer Service Cathay Nightmare
  23. Baggage Problem Theft From Baggages Goods and Cash
  24. Baggage Problem No customer consideration
  25. Customer Service Left phone in flight and Airline could not find it even reporting within 30 minutes.
  26. Baggage Problem Lost baggage and horrible customer care
  27. Customer Service Booking Office Manila.
  28. Customer Service Check in problems
  29. Check-in / Boarding I was abandoned by cathay for 12 hrs in paris when my final destination was in london
  30. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Unexpected Cancel and 3% refund