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  25. Turkish Airlines lost luggage - promised compensation - no follow up
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  35. Reservations Making payments through Web site
  36. Frequent Flyer Program Worst FF program and customer service
  37. Customer Service I cannot believe this company survives
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  39. Frequent Flyer Program Loyal customers don't matter
  40. Customer Service Turkish Airlines: The Worse Customer Service I Received Ever
  41. Check-in / Boarding If you can, use another airline
  42. Reservations Rebooking problems
  43. Baggage Problem Baggage was completely torn
  44. Customer Service Turkish has no concern for families with infants and babies!
  45. Baggage Problem Turkish airlines refusing pay for damaged baby pushchair
  46. Check-in / Boarding Arrogant, rude staff made me miss my flight and pay 200 euro for their mistake
  47. Baggage Problem Lost baggage on one flight delayed baggage on the next
  48. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Violation of Human Rights
  49. Customer Service Disabled passenger abandoned at Ataturk airport
  50. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Cancelation without valid information
  51. Customer Service Turkish Airlines won't give me new ticket
  52. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Congratulations - 3 radical changes in just 3 minutes
  53. Reservations An airline company turned into a MAFIA!!
  54. In-flight Issue Europes Worst Airline - Insect in food, worst customer service
  55. Customer Service awful customer service
  56. Customer Service Customer Service/Resolution/Baggage loss/Overall Experience
  57. Customer Service Reservation
  58. Reservations Online Booking Error
  59. Customer Service Didn't refund my money they owed me
  60. Baggage Problem Turkish Airlines (THY) offered my very low compensation for lost suitcase.
  61. Check-in / Boarding they wont let me check in and cancel my return flight
  62. Reservations Turkish Airlines STOLEN our MONEY
  63. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Complaint and Claim Against - Turkish Airlines - Harrowing and Harassing
  64. Customer Service Lies and misleading
  65. Check-in / Boarding Total Irresponsibility of Turkish Airline!!!
  66. Customer Service Turkish Airlines Carelessness with Customers' Luggage
  67. Customer Service Appalling service and outstanding refund
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  69. Reservations Possible Scam?
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  75. Baggage Problem Damaged baggages
  76. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked No response to compensation EDM
  77. Baggage Problem Baggage Problem and Compensation
  78. Baggage Problem Lost Baggage Exorbenant Change Fees Incompetenet Site No Real Time Contact Info
  79. Customer Service Avoid at all costs
  80. Suggestion Never flight with them