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  1. UA gave wrong information, ended up having to pay for flight
  2. Mileage plus problem, employee incompetence, misinformation
  3. Mileage plus problem, it is impossible to use UA website
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  8. Frequent Flyer Member Association
  9. UA Stole My 100,000+ Miles
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  11. Fraudulent website for booking Award Travel
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  13. New MileagePlus Program
  14. Breach of contract?
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  16. Vgascho
  17. 40,000 points gone - Issue with Visa Card
  18. Forget about missing miles credit
  19. Lifetime miles calculation and so much more!
  20. $150 fee to deposit miles
  21. 135,000 just disappeared from my account
  22. United Airlines robbed me of 50,000 frequent flyer miles
  23. Miles Stolen
  24. disappointed in united mileage plus policy and lack of communication
  25. Right Hand Stranger To Left Hand
  26. cheap mileage program
  27. Apply for their credit card or loose points!!
  28. United MileagePlus Expired
  29. Miles withheld for Group booking
  30. Customer Service United Mileage Plus extra charge
  31. Frequent Flyer Program Nz10 & nz2
  32. Frequent Flyer Program One time Exception PLEASE!!!