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  1. Reservations Adverse Small Group Travel Policies
  2. Reservations Reservation disappeared
  3. Reservations Fine Print
  4. Reservations Cost $150 to do anything with Continental!
  5. Reservations Continental makes Unauthorized passenger itinerary changes
  6. Reservations Double Billing @ an $1800 mistake
  7. Reservations Continental Disses Star Alliance Gold members
  8. Reservations You have to pay twice?
  9. Reservations hours and hours of frustration
  10. Reservations Worst customer service EVER
  11. Reservations Completely unresponsive Continental
  12. Reservations Double billed and it's my fault?
  13. Reservations Due to website probs, on hold an HOUR on 800 #
  14. Reservations Super stupidity by Continental, I am never going back to this sucking flight
  15. Reservations Booking Scam
  16. Reservations Price changes in the middlle of trying to pay !!!
  17. Reservations Booking scam, blackmail
  18. Reservations Zero warning of flight change AND seat change AND loss of premium seat without refund
  19. Reservations Screwed up name on reservation and CONTINENTAL REFUSES TO HELP
  20. Reservations United changes your resrvations then blames it on you!
  21. Reservations Flight change, no notification, 7 hour layover!