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  1. Writing a Letter of Complaint to Southwest Airlines
  2. Customer Service Problem with flight, baggage checked late, rude supervisor
  3. In-flight Issue Rude flight attendant riduculed me
  4. Customer Service Dumb phone agents, website crashes, don't honor specials
  5. Customer Service southwest airlines/its time to pay up
  6. Baggage Problem Missing Luggage
  7. Baggage Problem Southwest Airlines - pilfering from luggage
  8. Customer Service Re: Complaint over San Jose staff Sunil Bajaj and commendati
  9. Check-in / Boarding Check-in Fiasco
  10. Check-in / Boarding Disorganized boarding, not in order
  11. Customer Service Very slow yo give refunds!
  12. Customer Service unaccompanied minors
  13. Baggage Problem Fragile items checked in, arrived broken.
  14. Baggage Problem Can't handle luggage -- incompetence
  15. Customer Service Hold your money!
  16. In-flight Issue Psychostalker flight attendent, ladies she will stalk ur man
  17. Customer Service Southwest Airlines Bait & Switch
  18. Check-in / Boarding Took woman off plane for INVALID REASON
  19. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Flight missed
  20. Check-in / Boarding Fly Southwest - your first time will be your last time!
  21. In-flight Issue Man faces 20 yrs in prison for kissing girlfriend on flight
  22. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Policy to hold last flight
  23. In-flight Issue Discriminated by flight attendant among other issues
  24. Make Your Complaint Count
  25. In-flight Issue In-Flight Safety
  26. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Customer Service
  27. Customer Service Stolen Golf Club Taylor Super Quad. Golfer Class Action?
  28. Customer Service Sportsman's Class Action vs Soothwest for lost equipment
  29. Customer Service A 2 year old's ticket!!
  30. Ruined our luggage - won't issue refund
  31. In-flight Issue Abusive attendants/captain
  32. Customer Service Southwest and ATA Passing the Buck!!!
  33. Check-in / Boarding senior not allowed preboarding pass
  34. Baggage Problem terrible baggage and handling service
  35. Baggage Problem lost luggage
  36. Check-in / Boarding Southworst for Customer Service
  37. Check-in / Boarding Southworst for Customer Service
  38. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Safety
  39. Baggage Problem Southwest Airlines Lies About Complaints
  40. In-flight Issue Not friendly to families with babies - no place to change a diaper!
  41. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked I am at the Airport in Raleigh Durham as I type
  42. Customer Service I am going to miss being at my 4 year old's CATSCAN because of southwest
  43. Customer Service Southwest is the only airline I fly.
  44. Reservations Military Fares are BULL!!!!
  45. Check-in / Boarding TSA employees STEALING?
  46. Customer Service Inappropriate touching between employees
  47. Check-in / Boarding Another Boarding Issue
  48. Reservations Southwest Vacation Packages, "BEWARE"
  49. In-flight Issue An unsafe airline for children
  50. Reservations Southwest Sucks!
  51. Customer Service I love Southwest!
  52. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Disappointed SWA Customer
  53. Check-in / Boarding Boarding....OUCH!
  54. Customer Service No more first come, first serve
  55. Customer Service Southwest must have a thing against four year olds
  56. In-flight Issue Southwest refuses to assist me file a police report
  57. In-flight Issue Plane Falling Apart
  58. In-flight Issue Plane Falling Apart
  59. Baggage Problem Terrible Baggage Handlers
  60. Customer Service Rude Counter Service in Orlando
  61. Baggage Problem Southwest -- Soaking Wet Luggage!
  62. Customer Service Shame on You - Sports Illustrated Plane
  63. Baggage Problem Swa Luggage Theives
  64. In-flight Issue This is how I like my FA's
  65. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked frequent flyer denied standby
  66. Baggage Problem As long as the handle breaks, we're covered.
  67. In-flight Issue Disabled And On Crutches
  68. Check-in / Boarding No birth certificate = pay up
  69. Baggage Problem Lost carseat & bag on direct flight
  70. In-flight Issue Significant Air Pressure/Ears Issues in multiple flights
  71. Baggage Problem Dress, Pants & Ring Stolen in Checked Luggage
  72. Check-in / Boarding Flight 352, 07/30/2009
  73. Baggage Problem Still Waiting For My Luggage!
  74. Baggage Problem Missing baggage
  75. In-flight Issue Layover Let Down
  76. Check-in / Boarding A-List Issues!
  77. Check-in / Boarding 36 Hour Early Bird Check-in
  78. Reservations 6 month extension on unused paid flight
  79. Check-in / Boarding 7 hours waiting to check in
  80. Customer Service Wife Kicked From Plane
  81. Reservations Ticket credit theft
  82. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Rampant Overbooking by Southwest
  83. Customer Service Horrible Customer Service
  84. Reservations DO NOT spend the extra $$ on early boarding!!
  85. Check-in / Boarding Don't waste your $$ on "early" check in!!!
  86. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Delayed in Vegas
  87. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Windjet -the flight that never was...
  88. Customer Service My story of LAX on 6/5/10 with Southwest Airlines
  89. In-flight Issue Poor maintenance?
  90. In-flight Issue Plane Misses Airport, Almost Crashes
  91. Check-in / Boarding Pressure for Boarding premiums
  92. Check-in / Boarding Flight Attendant Took my Carry-on with Meds
  93. Check-in / Boarding Flight Attendant Took my Carry-on with Meds
  94. Customer Service Southwest complaint letter sent
  95. Customer Service Early Bird SCAM
  96. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Delayed Flight That Picked Up Time In Air And Left Early
  97. Customer Service Terrible Customer Service at FL-1332 (PHL)
  98. SWA baggage claim handling should be criminal
  99. Customer Service Do not book online
  100. Reservations Do not book online scam
  101. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked 80 Yr Old Parents - Southwest Cancellations
  102. Check-in / Boarding Southwest pre-boarded all the white children and left my family in line
  103. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Flight Refund Indian Giver--READ THIS DURING HOLIDAY FLIGHT CANCELLATIONS
  104. Check-in / Boarding Discrimination against disabled passenger
  105. In-flight Issue Rude flight attendents
  106. Customer Service Shameful Customer Service
  107. Customer Service SWA CLASS ACTION against rewards program
  108. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Southwest Has Lost It's Heart
  109. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Southwest Has Lost It's Heart
  110. Check-in / Boarding Injury On Sw Flight
  111. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Grounded
  112. Customer Service Southwest Airlines Going Downhill
  113. Reservations Southwest airlines Non refundable tickets Sac, Ca to Boston, Ma
  114. In-flight Issue How would you have reacted?
  115. Customer Service Credit for system failure
  116. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Flight delay no explanation no advance notice
  117. Customer Service Poor customer service with Pola (Agent Sign #53) and Julie
  118. Reservations Where's my reservation???
  119. Customer Service Very upset with SW
  120. Customer Service Lack of urgency in delivering delayed luggage
  121. Baggage Problem Urine Soaked Luggage
  122. In-flight Issue Keeping Obese People Out of the Exit Aisle
  123. Customer Service CS Lacking/UM left in the lurch!
  124. Reservations Transfer of Tickets Policy
  125. In-flight Issue Psycho flight attendant - 11:50 am San Diego to San Francisco 07/30/2011
  126. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Beware of Outlandish Charges for "Standby"
  127. Customer Service Southwest Owns Airtran's Poor Cust Service
  128. Customer Service Poor Customer Service at Southwest airlines....suprised?
  129. Baggage Problem Southwest/TSA theft
  130. Customer Service No heart
  131. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Screwed!
  132. In-flight Issue Cheap Bastards
  133. Baggage Problem Damaged Luggage
  134. Customer Service Racism, lies and abuse of power by SWA
  135. Reservations Spirit Airlines - No ticket confirmation, no customer service, no refund!
  136. Customer Service SouthwestAir Ticket Agent AWOL
  137. Baggage Problem Southwest Air's Underwear Rodeo
  138. Reservations Transfer Policy Joke
  139. Customer Service Travel Fund Voucher - Stupid Policy
  140. Baggage Problem Damaged Ripped Suitcases
  141. Customer Service Lies, lies, lies,
  142. Check-in / Boarding Don't let your boarding pass hit you on the way out
  143. In-flight Issue Harassed by Flight Attendants
  144. Customer Service Abusive Capt. ELP-LAX
  145. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked mess at newark
  146. Reservations "Flash Sale" -- What a joke!
  147. Reservations Don't Use Online Reservation System!
  148. In-flight Issue Southwest wireless worthless
  149. Check-in / Boarding Checkin and gate agent
  150. In-flight Issue Flight attendant called TSA & cops for taking daughter to restroom
  151. Customer Service Southwest CSA - Hartford: Worst Airport Experience to Date
  152. Customer Service slow, rude in refunding SWA flight cancelled by Hurricane Sandy
  153. In-flight Issue Southwest's stupid 'free drink' policy
  154. Check-in / Boarding Denied Flight With Service Dog
  155. Customer Service Shameful Customer relations
  156. Baggage Problem Lost booster seat, lame service
  157. Customer Service my word vs. their perception
  158. Customer Service SWA Customer Survice Reply -- would you approve?
  159. Customer Service Recent Southwest/Air Tran payment issues
  160. Customer Service Bad policy, worse customer service
  161. Customer Service I am done with this airline!
  162. Customer Service Southwest took my money, yet I don't fly
  163. Customer Service avoid internet deal ....SWA.
  164. Customer Service refunds
  165. Customer Service Refund Policy Change
  166. Customer Service rude airline attendant on flight #1010
  167. Check-in / Boarding Check-in Line Nightmare
  168. Check-in / Boarding Bad Treatment of Business Travelers
  169. Customer Service Corporate Racketeering of LUV Voucher Extension
  170. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked SOUTHWEST 1266 on Feb 14th
  171. Customer Service Hidden Fees
  172. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Twice bumped on Tuesday March 15th fro Albany, NY
  173. Customer Service Recent treatment of passenger speaking Arabic
  174. Customer Service Horrible customer relations!
  175. Customer Service You broke some hearts & lied
  176. Check-in / Boarding Military laughed at
  177. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked flight 1661 delayed missed 2057 as a result on July 21st: I was 26 hours late!!
  178. Reservations Consumer Fraud
  179. Customer Service Broken Promises
  180. Customer Service Incidental No Show for reservation
  181. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked No service
  182. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked SWA Cancels Wrong Flight For Refund
  183. Reservations bad company policy, will get rid of it forever
  184. In-flight Issue Bad treatment nothing new
  185. In-flight Issue Bad treatment by airlines nothing new
  186. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Cancellation credit
  187. Customer Service cancelled flight
  188. Check-in / Boarding Earlybird checkin is a WASTE do not be fooled
  189. Customer Service SWA is bad news
  190. Customer Service Lies, lies and more lies
  191. Baggage Problem 5 weeks later still no bag or information
  192. Reservations Taking your money
  193. Customer Service Southwest Airlines DISGRACFUL treatment of CA Paradide fire Victims
  194. Customer Service 324 Ryan
  195. Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Stranded in a foreign country