View Full Version : Reservations A ticket is not a ticket X3.

Feb 20, 2013, 9:53 PM
Booked a ticket for daughter going from DCA to Florence Italy online. 4 days before the flight notified by my daughter's school that there was no such flight. US Airways stated it wasn't their problem as it was a codeshare with Lufthansa. Told her to find a train from Munich to Florence. Bought her a new ticket at added cost of $650 dollars.
One month later, began looking at 2 other tickets held by family members for DCA to FLR in March. One was purchased directly from US Air and the other with US Air frequent flier miles. Same connecting flight from MUC to FLR (operated by Lufthansa) did not show on the reservation. No notification to us even though the change was made 2 months ago. US Airway unable to find alternative flight. Seemingly, a ticket is not a ticket until you are on the plane with a secured seat.