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Apr 10, 2008, 7:12 PM
I was involved in the cancelling md 80's and 88 in the end of march. I was supposed to fly from orlando to Kansas city delta cancelled my flights for two days. they had no hotel rooms no nothing. while stuck in atlanta i bought a hotel room, paid for cabs and missed a funeral. delta then cancelled my flight and could put me on one the next day, being 3 days in atlanta. They told me they would refund me the cabs and hotels and etc. i also purchased a ticket with another airline to get out of atlanta which they said they would refund also. now 2 weeks or so later they still have not done it. i called them today and now they say they will only refund half, i spent almost 1000.00 being stuck in atlanta because delta cancelled all of my flights. they were rude and they lied. DO NOT FLY WITH THEM. every other airline that i have been with refunds something when it is their fault. delta does not want to step up to the plate!

Apr 17, 2008, 6:22 PM
Hi there

I flew from Vegas to New York for a transfer back to the UK. My flight was cancelled due to maintenance problems so we were put on a later flight. As my transfer was missed by 24 hrs I was told that someone would meet me at New York with accommodation information - arriving in New York at 12.30am and waiting for bags that didn't make our transferred flight we then found that there was no one from Delta there until 4am. The 24hr helpline told us to 'sort ourselves out'. Due to American Airlines cancellations all hotels were full and Delta would not help in any way.

they lied about arranging accommodation for us, I did eventually find somewhere to sleep, I am out of pocket and they have refused to give us any form of refund for our stress. Oh, but they did give us some vouchers to use on our next flight with Delta, which isn't going to happen. Why should they be able to treat people like rubbish, do what the hell they want, without any recompense at all. It seems airlines can just say 'tough' and there is no legislation that prevents them treating people this way.

We were also moved from business class to coach due tohe cancellation and they refuse to give us money back for that too, we had to buy meals on the flight that we'd already paid for. I am disgusted with Delta.

If they'd said they would not provide accommodation we had 8 hrs in Vegas airport to make our own arrangements. DON'T USE DELTA. They only care about profit.