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May 24, 2008, 6:38 AM

I am one who travels the World and usually used AA. In May 2007, my daughter was very ill and had to get medical treatment in Pensicola, Florida. On her way there, everything seemed fine. On the way back to Newark, however, the worst thing that could have happened to her did.

Terri left Pensicola and had a connection in Charlotte to Newark. Please keep in my mind that my daughter had just got out of a hospital and had treatment for her illness. In Charlotte there was a 10 hour lay-over. Terri needed her luggage with her medication in it and for some reason, the employees would not help her.

When Terri arrived in Newark 12 hours later, she was a reck. I had never felt so badly for my child in my life. The thing that puts the cherry on top is that her luggage was sent to Boston. Yes, you read correctly. BOSTON. After all of the hell she endured she was luggage-less. They delivered it the next night to our home, but all of her medication was in the luggage which she needed the night before.

I have called several times to AA. I have NEVER recieved a call back... and it is now MAY 2008. At first I was told that Terri would recieve a "free" voucher for a flite for a year. I will not use AA ever again. The least they could have done was returned my calls. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know:)

May 24, 2008, 12:00 PM
sorry to hear about your daughter, however im sure everybody here is going to be saying the same thing i am...dont ever ever ever check your medication!!!! once your luggage is checked they cannot go and retrieve it for you. i had a 5 hour delay in ewr and thought about just staying the night there and getting on the next flight in the morning,when they told me i couldn't have my luggage because it was checked i, changed my mind and waited out the delay. because of security they couldnt retrieve your bag. bottome line....dont check the medications. hope you get your bag soon, hope your daughter gets well soon.