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Jun 4, 2008, 4:37 PM
That's it. I'm done. I've had it. All airlines have their faults, but American has hit strike three with me.

American cancelled their direct flight between San Diego and Boston. This flight was the main reason that American has been my preferred airline for years. It is their prerogative to cancel flights. However, I have three reservations already booked for that flight through the end of the year. The alternative scheduling gets me into Boston 4 hours later than the previous schedule, not to mention the hassles of connecting during the winter and holiday season. Then they tried to connect me through Chicago - in December. Why don't I just book a hotel room in Chicago now...

It does not seem fair that they can simply change their minds regarding schedules when customers have already purchased that flight. If you buy a 60" TV at Best Buy, then put it on hold until you can transport it, Best Buy doesn't then give you a 42" TV when you get back simply because they didn't feel like carrying the 60" TV anymore. So how can the airlines essentially renege on a contract bound by purchase?

If airline consumers change their flights even in the slightest, we are penalized, yet the airlines can once again do what they want without impunity. Why am I not allowed to demand a "change-fee" like the airlines do?

I was affected by they MD80/Dallas fiasco - they cancelled all flights to San Diego 5 minutes prior to our scheduled boarding time. Then I discovered the policy regarding charges for all checked baggage (I am exempt since I'm a Gold member, but it still infuriates me). Since then, I have booked a flight on Southwest that I would have previously used American for. I will keep my flights that are already booked for the year, but I will no longer use American Airlines for travel. At this point, I'd rather pay more money on a different airline.

Silent Bob
Jun 4, 2008, 7:07 PM
sadly all flights on any airline are subject to change either by low ridership, cutting back because of fuel cost, or whatever reason that causes them to change the flight. As angry as you are, you are most fortunate to have been informed of the changes in advance, most people don't find out about the change until the day. But because it is their schedule change and it is an inconvenience to you, you can ask for a better route if possible. I know AA isn't great at this, but sometimes you can get an agent that can help.

Jun 4, 2008, 9:53 PM
Yes, that is very true, at least I did have advance warning. It still seems sad to me that I should be grateful for that, knowing that their usual treatment is typically much worse and more the norm than the exception!

Jun 5, 2008, 5:45 PM
Keep in mind that if you read the "fare rules", and "contract of carriage", for any airline, you will see that flight schedules are subject to change. It sucks, I know, to go from a direct flight, to a connection, but as mentioned, be thankful you are aware ahead of time, rather than showing up to the airport, on the day of, and finding out.

If another AA flight is not going to get you to BOS in time, look into some other airlines. I am not sure what AA's policy is, in regards to this, but since it is throwing your schedule off, if another airline gets into BOS sooner, ask AA to book you on that airline. Tell them that you booked the direct flight, for a reason, as it got you into BOS early, and that you MUST be there by that time. Again, not sure of their policy, but they may be able to put you on another airline, that will get you there sooner.

Oct 29, 2008, 4:52 PM
I originally book a direct flight from Chicago to Cancun in April. I had the choice to book a flight with connections, but I chose a direct flight and paid more for the direct flight. Now they have cancelled the direct flight and put me on a flight with a connection and two hour layovers. I understand that the cost of fuel went up, and the airlines need to make changes to save money, for the viability of the airline. Of course fuel prices are now down, probably below the level when I originally purchased the ticket. I sent a email to AA Customer Service, stated that since I paid a higher price for a ticket and now have a ticket for which I could have paid a lower, would they compensate me by allowing free baggage check (which I will probably not use) and since I now have a layover, give me access to the Admirals Club during that layover. A request that would truly not cost them a dime. They responded that they could not provide me with a price adjustment. I responded back that I was not looking for a price adjustment just some consideration for the inconvenience they are putting me through for which I paid a premium not to go through. I just got another letter saying sorry but they cannot give me a price adjustment.
I then asked for a supervisor, and received the same response. Funny, Earlier in the year I had a booked a flight, that I had to make a schedule change, I was unable to use the first half of my flight, then found out on the day of my return that my return flight ticket had been cancelled because I did not se the first half of the ticket. (I now understand this is common practice). It ended up costing me an extra $800 to get home. My question is, what if I just cancelled my return flight would they have sent me a bill for not using it. I guess it is Ok for the airline to change their schedules, but not OK for their customers. In the past I have traveled on primarily on American and had received very good service, and once exceptional service for which I wrote a complimentary letter to them. The agent probably got in trouble for going the extra mile for me. Well now I have had two very bad experiences, it just seems there level of customer service has gone way down, so I guess it is time to find a new airline to use