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Jun 5, 2008, 8:14 PM
I hold a complicated ticket to Europe for next week. I am disabled and need to sit on the aisle because I wear a leg brace. My flights are on United, United codeshare with LOT, Northwest and Northwest codeshare with KLM. I have managed to get preflight seating assignments from all but the UA/LOT leg to Krakow. The ticket is issued by Northwest. LOT refuses to assign seats ahead of time if you don't buy the ticket from them. Northwest tried to book the seat but couldn't and referred me to United since it is a United codeshare flight and it should be their responsiblity. United stated that the plane is full and can't assign me a seat because LOT is responsible for the flight and all they can do is put in a request. LOT says they can't do anything even though I am disabled and essentially, check in when I get to the airport, tough luck, should have bought the ticket from them. Well, I start my flight in a non-LOT served airport and have to connect to the UA/LOT flight. So no one will take responsiblity for trying to get me a seat or a wheelchair in Chicago and Krakow. I started this attempt 2 mos ago with LOT airlines and at the time, the agent did assign me a seat but the current people I have talked to said that this was not possible and that agent did something wrong. Is there anyway to deal with this? I can't handle a 9.5 hour trip in a middle seat and may have to cancel the whole trip.

Jun 5, 2008, 8:40 PM
This is a sticky situation. LOT is the one who is going to have to allow a seat to be assigned. Even though there is a codeshare, sometimes the computer systems won't allow another airline to preassign a seat.

If your flight on LOT is out of Chicago, then they are required to abide by the air carrier access act, otherwise known as part 382. In your case, they don't have to assign a particular seat, but they MUST provide wheelchair assistance if needed. However in this case you need to make the wheelchair arrangements with the airline you are flying to Chicago on, so they can have it ready to take you to your next gate.

Part 382 does not apply outside the US, so if they are not willing to help you on that end, not much you can do.

Jun 5, 2008, 9:03 PM
I have repeatedly tried to speak to someone at LOT beyond a reservations clerk. I have always been polite and respectful. Two agents have refused to pass me to a supervisor and one passed me to a voicemail that disconnected me. The last person gave me their number at O'Hare which is a voicemail box so I don't know if they'll even respond. It is incredibly frustrating and enough of a hassle to never want to fly this airline. I didn't think asking for an aisle seat anywhere in the plane, was such a big deal.