View Full Version : Baggage Problem Luggage lost, returned 20 hours later damaged and ruined

Mar 17, 2007, 4:18 AM
I traveled United from London to Washington Dulles, to Los Angeles on the 14th February 2007. I picked up my luggage at Washington and rechecked it back in to the flight to LA. The flight to LA was delayed by several hours and passengers were removed from the plane and put back on at least twice!

As predicted on arrival at LA, my luggage was lost.

On discussion with the United Staff at LA, I have never found anyone more unhelpful and frankly rude. Their attitude was "lots of passengers have lost their luggage so whats your problem!"

After at least 20 phone calls to United, I eventually got my luggage back, damaged and ruined. My luggage arrived the day my trip was over.