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Jul 14, 2008, 2:00 AM
I just got off the phone with AA. I had booked, and paid for, a flight for 5 from Washington DC to Kauai, Hawaii on March 12th for a trip in mid December, 08. It had 2 stops on the way there and 2 coming back. All flights were on AA, but one leg that used Aloha airlines from Kauai to Honolulu. Aloha has gone bankrupt and AA refused to cover the flight. They say that our only options are: Find our own way to Kauai, or change our trip and stay in Honolulu.
There was no explanation as to how we get to Honolulu since our flight out lands in Kauai.
I asked if we could get a flight from Kauai to the hub in LA instead of Honolulu, like the flight out, but they said that I would have to cancel the itinerary that we have now, and pay the going rates now, which are much higher than what I paid, PLUS pay a penalty for the change.
Also, I found out by looking at my reservations on line, that they have already changed a couple of my flights with out letting me know. The ONLY email or notafication that I've recieved was the initial e-ticket confirmation when I bought the ticket. If I do pay for the 5 seats from Kauai to Honolulu now, that what happens when (not if) AA changes my flights again and the connection doesn't work out, making the new tickets worthless.

What, if anything can I do about it?

Jul 14, 2008, 2:32 AM
This is certainly a strange predicament to be in.

I'll do my best to try to help you out, but I don't work for AA.

Technically, AA is not responsibly for the Aloha Airlines portion of your trip. The money, for that portion of the trip (those flights on Aloha), would have gone to Aloha, which is why AA cannot refund it - even though you purchased it through AA.

There is something called a fare calculation code, which is basically the fare of each segment that you will fly. The total of all of the segments equals the total cost of the ticket (fare). The portion on Aloha, from Kauai to Honolulu, for example, would be a segment. You need to find out how much that portion of the fare was, per passenger. You then need to call your credit card company, with documentation of this (that you can get from AA, or may already have, if you have the itinerary, and reciept), and have your credit card company refund that portion of the ticket, since Aloha went bankrupt. -- this is assuming you paid by credit card. If you paid by check, or some other form, the below link may help you.

This may help you --- http://www.alohaairlines.com/aloha_oe_faq.html

As far as your options, for another flight, unfortunately, you will have to purchase seperate tickets, for that, or, use the money, if you are able to get that portion refunded, to pay the change fee to have AA do it.

About AA changing your flights. Flights are subject to change, but they are supposed to notify you, if they make a change.

Jul 14, 2008, 3:00 AM
Thanks for the response!

I'll find out the fare calc route and try for a refund from the credit card, thought it's been almost 3 months since I bought the tickets.
Weather I get any refund or not I believe I would HAVE to order the new tickets from AA so that when they change my flights between now and the time we leave than they can adjust all the segments to work together.

Sorry, I don't fly much. This is only my 4th air trip ever. I guess paying early doesn't always work out. The lowest fare for the same trip NOW is about 85% higher that when we bought ours in March.

Jul 14, 2008, 4:00 AM
Actually, purchasing early is good, because it gives you the best deal. Flights do not change often, and usually the change is not a major change, although they are supposed to notify you, of any change. Also, it is rare that an airline suddenly goes bankrupt, like this situation.

If I were you, I would call AA, again. Inform them, again, of the issue. Ask them for the fare for the segment of the ticket that was on Aloha. Explain to them, that you are going to seek a refund/credit, for that portion -- through your credit card company, since Aloha went brankrupt. Ask them if they can send you a copy of the fare calculation, as proof, if you don't already have it. I would do this, incase the credit card company needs/wants to see this documentation. Call the credit card company, explain to them the situation. Explain to them the fare for the portion of the ticket that was on Aloha, then explain to them that Aloha went bankrupt, and you are seeking a refund/credit to your account, for that amount.

As for purchasing seperate tickets, to replace the Aloha portion. You can do it through AA, and it would probably be easier, and less hassle, but you can certainly do some shopping around, such as on Orbitz, and find a better deal, if there is one. AA can "sell" that portion into your itinerary, for checked bags, etc., at a later date, as long as you have your itinerary for that new flight, with the flight number/ airline, etc. Just let them know that you have another flight, on a seperate reservation, and that you need your bags checked all the way through, on that flights, and they can take care of it. -- I would only do that, if purchasing on a seperate reservation/airline is a lot cheaper than doing it through AA to begin with.

Jul 14, 2008, 4:41 AM
I called back to AA and pretended I've never talked to anyone before, and got someone that was very help-full.
She changed the whole booking to eliminate the Aloha segment. It caused it to have 1 stop instead of 2, for both outbound, and the return trips. IAD to LAX to LIH, and back the same way.
I was not charged any extra fee or penalty for the change!

Amazing that one AA employee can be so bad, and 1 hour later another employee can be so help-full.

Jul 16, 2008, 7:00 AM
Glad to hear that everything went well for you.

That is actually a tip I would recommend to all passengers, when trying to get stuff like this done. Sometimes, unfortunately, one agent will not be helpful, and five minutes later you can call, and get another agent, who will take care of everything you need.

Oct 4, 2008, 11:53 AM
Amazing that one AA employee can be so bad, and 1 hour later another employee can be so help-full.

This is the most common sense I have ever seen as an airline employee. This guy nailed it. It is not always the airline to blame, it is the individual. Any individual can have a crappy day or whatever, they are human and have a life like anyone. They have issues that may cause them to not be in the best of moods.

Also, just because that person works for AA, he/she very easily could have been at DL or WN (Southwest, everbody's favorite but read the complaints, they have the same problems as the rest of us) or that employee could even work for IBM or Sears or whatever. You people fly off the handle and throw a blanket of blame on an airline when most of the employees are hard-working people who do care. Airlines don't go to the pile of applications and decide to hire the worst of the worst.

My point is you can get bad service at any airline or any business, check out the complaint sites online. Don't be so quick to boycott an airline because of a bad employee.