View Full Version : Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Delta FAILS! Do not fly Delta

Jul 23, 2008, 12:46 PM
I just wanted to relay to other people my story so I can deter anyone interested in booking through Delta to steer clear of this organization.

My fiance traveled into Atlanta from London via British Airways to connect with Delta flight 2015. The Delta flight was cancelled due to poor weather conditions which cleared up shortly after. They left one flight running #1578 and put her and her 6 year old daughter on standby at #31 and 32!!. They were scared, tired, and hungry and got bumped from this flight booked for a flight the next day sceduled to depart at 7:45am. The flight as of this time has not taken off yet and it's now 8:35am. I called Delta and they told me the plane was in the air and I know darn good it wasn't. Still waiting to hear when the flight is taking off.

Now I can understand a few delays but they failed miserably with a mother and her daughter traveling from the UK and left them stranded at Atlanta for over 16 hours after a long 9 hour flight from London. They kept telling me they offered her first class like that was some sort of compensation for being complete failures. Who really cares about first class when you've been up for over 30 hours traveling with a small child? Delta even tried to tell me the plane took off 15 minutes into the future! Cmon, this is ridiculous. I have flown several airlines and NEVER in my life have I encountered such poor customer service. I will NEVER again book anything through Delta. They can rot for all I care.

If you book through Delta be prepared for an experience you won't soon forget! I know I won't and neither will my fiance and her daughter.

I'm going back to NWA. They've lost my luggage about 30% of the time, but that's better than what happened over the last 30 hours with Delta.

Jul 23, 2008, 1:02 PM
standby comes on a first come first serve basis i believe. if your at the gate first, your going to be put at #1 for the standby list, (but i believe that their frequent flyer gold people, whatever it is get priority). and if you get to the gate and your the 50th person to try to get on that flight, well your going to be #50 on the list. and most of the time because of weather airlines wont do much, they may give you a discounted rate at a hotel. unfortunetly weather can back things up for the next day as well, and london and atlanta airports are no picnic as far as air traffic. I know that traveling with a small child is a hassle and i have flown alot and have been up for hours traveling to biskek. you state they are stranded in atlanta, and they have already flown from london to atlanta, so which airport are they stranded at?? look online and see if the flight left, or call again and ask to speak to a supervisor