View Full Version : Baggage Problem Misinformed about baggage weight limits

Apr 24, 2007, 6:30 AM
My father was travelling business class from chicago to India. The website mentioned that the weight limit for business class was 32kg/70lb for each piece of checked luggage. But at the airport the clerk said it was 23kg/50lb. I told him repeatedly that I checked the website and it mentioned 32kg and he can check it again. The clerk said there are only certain countries to which 32kg are allowed. At this point he said he will check it for me and after checking maintained that I was wrong. After we removed things from the baggage and reduced the weight he was 'nice' enough to allow 54lb instead of 50lb!!!! I came home and immediately checked the website and it did say that the total allowed limits were indeed 32kg per piece of checked luggage.