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Sep 3, 2008, 3:21 AM
I am writing regarding a concern that involves two flights I took on US Airways. I shall outline my experiences below.

On July 6, 2006, I was booked on US Airways from Seattle, Washington to Atlanta, Georgia via Phoenix, Arizona on a “red-eye” flight. When at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the customer service agent invited me to pay for an upgrade to first class during the second leg of my journey (Phoenix to Atlanta), which I elected to do. Unfortunately, the second leg of our journey was delayed several times and eventually canceled. The reason cited at Sky Harbor airport was “equipment failure.” There were only two customer service agents working at that late hour handling accommodations for customers and re-booking flights. I was the third person in line and waited over an hour to talk to a customer service agent. The woman who helped did the best she could, and re-booked me on a morning flight with Delta airlines (after getting about three hours of sleep). When I inquired regarding my upgrade, she said that US Air was unable to arrange an upgrade on another airline, but that they would keep my upgrade, “in the computer.” I asked whether she could provide me any other documentation regarding the upgrade the airline owes me, and she re-assured me that it would be under my name in the computer and that it wouldn't be a problem. I accepted her assurance with her word.

The next flight I took on US airways was flight 239 from Phoenix to Detroit on June 30, 2008. When inquiring regarding my upgrade that was “in the computer” they informed me that they had no such information in the system and acted as if I was crazy.

It now appears that either their customer service agent lied to me and did not keep a record of my upgrade or that the airline does not actually keep records of such information.

I paid for an upgrade that they did not honor.

In contacting the airline, the customer relations agent, Anna Villegas, denied my request for any remuneration from the airline.

Silent Bob
Sep 3, 2008, 8:32 AM
Did you get a reciept for the upgrade? If so then you have enough info to get refunded the difference or if you paid by credit card that should also help, that plus the info of the flight taken on Delta. It seems like you have to gather a lot of info, but its worth it especially if you paid a good chunk of change.

Sep 3, 2008, 4:49 PM
Was the first trip in July 2006? or July 2007. If it was 2006 and you booked again in 2008 no wonder they didn't know about it. It was almost 2 years later, very few businesses would keep a credit that long.

Sep 9, 2008, 11:27 PM
I don't think it is unreasonable for the customer to expect a credit to remain on file in these circumstances. He was fully entitled to demand a refund, as the airline was unable to deliver the service he had paid for. It was not a complementary upgrade. He graciously accepted to just take the service the next time he flew with US Air, giving them the benefit of his money for quite a considerable time. It is wrong in priniciple in these specific circumstances to suggest that his purchase had somehow expired, and if I was him I would pursue a full refund of the money paid. It this this kind of arrogant behaviour by companies which does damage to their already battered reputations. He paid for a service and didn't get it because of failings by the airline... he had no control over this.