View Full Version : In-flight Issue Chaos and distress experienced during several flights

Apr 26, 2007, 11:51 AM
Flight NW43 - Gatwick to Minneapolis Flight overbooked. Family separated -despite booking having been made nearly 12 months prior to flying. Samsonite Case damaged when retrieved at Minneapolis. Food inedible - Cabin crew rude when it was pointed out that they had given three vegetarian meals by mistake - one to a three year old and the family told - eat that as there is nothing else. Flight 576 Minneapolis to Orlando

Young children (3 years old) given seats separate from parents. One family - part of a larger group left in the departure lounge in a distressed state believing they would be separated. Children very distressed and crying as a result of the seating fiasco - especially as they had already endured a 8 hour flight from Gatwick.

Flight NW43 - Orlando - Detroit: Again young children seated apart from parents leaving cabin crew to sort out the mess and deal with the resulting distress.

Flight 32- Destroit - Gatwick: Food inedible. Cabin crew unhelpful - only came round once during the night with water. No Duty Free.

I have travelled frequently with many different airlines and never expereinced the choas and distress experienced when using Northwest airlines. I will never use Northwest again.