View Full Version : Reservations Cancelled Reservations & Poor CS

Jan 4, 2009, 12:55 AM
Flight: AC 558
Depart: 26 Dec. 2008
Vancouver to Los Angeles
Departure time: 06:35 PM

For those who reside or were aware of the random snow-fall we had in Vancouver, all flights were delayed during that week and the week before that.

We were aware of the issue of the delays.

On our day to fly, the weather was more optimistic and the Air Canada check-in representative assured our flight will not be delayed.

Either way, we were prepared that there would be delays because I knew of friends and families that were suppose to fly a few days before us had their flights canceled and they were still on the subject to fly.

Our flight kept on being delayed. My husband and I didn't mind waiting because we knew of the situation due to the fact that there are more others that were scheduled to fly still haven't been to their designated destination and the fact that the weather has been bombarded with snow.

Finally, it was announced that there was a airplane available for us so the captain was to retrieve an airplane for us.

And when all of us were boarded and seated comfortably on the plane -the time soon flew pass midnight so it was the 27th of December.

All of a sudden, the captain informed us that they will not fly anymore.

Without any explanation, we all had to leave the airplane.

I'm guessing the flight attendants and captains have their secret exit...

After I left the plane, I found an Air Canada information desk, along with an AC representative. I asked her since our flight was canceled, where do we find out that our next flight will be or if we will receive a voucher or refund for the canceled flight. To our dismay, she replied in a rude tone that she doesn't know anything and said to wait until 7AM for stand-by. I was shocked at her tone and asked for her name. She flipped her ID tag around and refused to offer her name or ID number. Knowing we will complain about her horrible customer service, she explicitly stated she won't give her name to us. In addition, it seems she was aware of the issue that we wouldn't be able to complain as she was probably the only person that was working the shift and that her shift was to end.

What our issue was, there was no one (Air Canada representatives), that was available to inform us of what will happen (such as baggage pick-up, issue refunds, where to go, etc.). It felt like everyone from Air Canada disappeared all of a sudden.

Everyone that were boarded on the same airplane with us, were all confused. There was no one to explain what will happen.

Everyone tried to look for an AC representative for an answer. All of us scrambled for our luggage however, checked-in luggage were not brought up.

Only airport workers were there working (such as cleaning, or monitoring the area), however (and obviously), they do not know of anything as they do not work for Air Canada. There were a few passengers from our flight taking their anger at them which I thought was low and wrong.

Many of us called the airline number and evidently, no answer =). It literally felt like AC all of a sudden closed down or something.

We waited till 2AM before we left the airport without our luggage. Others decided to stay until "something" would appear.

I was really upset at their service.

It was understandable with the flight cancellation and delays so no complain there.

But what was not acceptable was the fact that Air Canada did not leave an AC rep to inform us of anything. We all wasted our time waiting our baggage(s) and waiting around to find what will happen to our canceled flight -whether they will offer a refund or a later date to fly, etc.

In the morning, i called Air Canada, I expected that I would have to wait on hold as I would not be the only person to call to find out an answer.

After an hour of waiting (it serves well with patience =) ), I still didn't get an explanation but an apology from the call-rep that they didn't have anyone to assist us with any explanation and baggage issue (apparently, he was shocked that they didn't have anyone there). Anyhow, he just offered a refund (which he does not know the time frame when it will be processed as there are heaps of processing that needs to be done but once it will be processed, I will be notified via e-mail).

In addition, he said, that I would have to e-mail or write a letter to AC for compensation as he doesn't have the ability to do so.

After flying with AC many times, this was the first time that I have experienced such bad service (no service).