View Full Version : Customer Service Refund? Pound Salt.

Feb 12, 2009, 7:36 PM
I will make this brief. A copy has also been posted with United customer service.

I had a one day business trip from Dulles to San Antonio. I left the night before the meeting so I could attend in the morning at 7:00AM and finish by 2:00PM. Return planned for the next morning...

United was 2 hours late leaving Dulles due to cold weather equipment related issues. I arrived in Chicago too late to transfer flights to San Antonio. United bought me a room and said I could go the next day, arriving just as my meeting ended-unacceptable. I took the next flight home in the morning. I had to fly into Richmond because the Inauguration had depleted tickets to DC.

Here's where it gets good. They rewrote the San Antonio ticket to show that I took the second flight on my itinerary, so their system had me completing the leg. with that in place, the return trip, booked--as was the first flight--through US Airways. US Airway logged me in as a no-show on the return and will not refund the ticket nor will United because I volunteered for a new itinerary - even though I was told by their gate agent (who has now been laid off as he so clearly told all 300 of us that night) that I would receive a hotel voucher (I did) and a full refund.

Net: I spent $625 for a one-way ticket to Richmond.

Crooks, All! I have flown for over 30 years. I have never been screwed like this!

Feb 14, 2009, 2:07 AM
:mad:Similar situation. They are beyond horrible. I would pay double to fly with a carrier that has some concern for customer satisfaction and service. (at the end of the day it would certainly be cheaper) No wonder they live on the brink of bankruptcy. If only it would happen sooner rather than later.