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Nov 1, 2007, 3:29 PM
October 11, 2007
Mr. Montie Brewer (204) 941-2789
President & CEO, Air Canada
7373 Cote-Vertu West, Dorval, Quebec, H4Y 1H4
Re: Appeal for Ticket - Booking Reference N2MGFI - Ticket #0142149086840

Dear Mr. Brewer,

On Monday, September 10, I wrote to Air Canada Refunds to appeal a decision by Air Canada Refund Services to cancel my ticket to Calgary for September 12th for non-elective treatment at the Canadian Sleep Clinic for treatment of a sleep disorder I have wrangled with for 26 years.

"In August my federal department purchased a ticket (in good faith) to get me the non-elective appointment for me at the Canadian Sleep Institute. This ticket purchase fell under the Isolated Post requirement for non-elective medical treatment and therefore, the cost of the ticket was covered by the federal government. At the time, I could see no reason for the appointment to change. I had been waiting for many months for this appointment (you may verify this with the Canadian Sleep Institute in Calgary 403-254-6400 and ask for Jessica Overington). However, I had an unexpected medical emergency just 2 days prior to the appointment and had to be rushed to the emergency room at Stanton Yellowknife Hospital. As a result of this unavoidable medical emergency, I was unable to board the flight on September 12, 2007.

When I appealed to Refund Services at Air Canada their response was:
"Unfortunately when you purchased your ticket you selected the option of no changes and therefore your ticket became null and void in accordance with the fare rules. Sorry our response could not be more favourable."
I am now unable to rebook this ticket and cannot get the treatment I need because I am, apparently, at fault for missing my flight. My department is not going to buy me another ticket and I cannot afford to do so.

I have attached a copy of my doctor’s note. His name is Dr. Alward and he works at the Gibson Medical Clinic in Yellowknife. You may contact him to corroborate my story (867-873-5895).