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Apr 19, 2009, 11:20 PM
Regarding AMERICAN AIRLINES flight 1749, Sat April 18th of 2009. Los Angeles to New York, at 9.15pm to 5.35am, overnight flight.

1. AA oversold about 60 (sixty) seats over plane capacity. I couldn't believe my eyes watching at the standby list. A line of angry, tired and confused people "standing by" in the gate area.

2. AA double printed identical seat numbers on multiple tickets. I was the 'lucky' one. When I started boarding, ticket check computer at gate 42A showed that a passenger with 34B already entered. The lady in my seat refused to yield. And I refused to leave the plane. After contacting the gate area (for ten joyful minutes), the stewardess was barely able to find her another seat. I thank her for that.

Solution: assign seats early, at the time of purchase. Do NOT play the booking games.

3. Like most airlines today, AA charges small baggage fee of $15/bag. Customers responded by taking their luggage on board instead of checking in. Overhead bins were filled before 2/3 of passengers entered. Heated arguments followed. I couldn't stow my backpack anywhere. AA good policy there.

Solution: Force an early check-in for oversized/heavy/multiple luggage items.

As far as my experience goes, can you see the level of stress I got because of your intentionally moranic service? Let the idiot(s) at AA in charge of overselling/double printing/luggage policies read this and respond to me.


Apr 19, 2009, 11:25 PM
Sadly Eugene, AA know that the practice of selling seats they don't actually have is immoral, they just don't care. The bizarre thing is that they exempt from the normal consumer laws which state attorney generals prosecute under, such as fraud. They have lobbied hard to keep this exemption, presumably becuase they know that in any normal enterprise, they would not get subsisdies, federal government protection, etc..

Apr 20, 2009, 2:32 AM
Sound like an equipment downgrade. When the OP uses the word "oversold" that is not the same as overbooked. I'm not sure he/she knows that means there are now 60 people in the gate area without seats and ALL seats have already been assigned. Overbooked means more people have reservations that seats but have not all arrived. Common practice to do this.

I will stick with an equipment change and a poorly handled job by the Planning/Ops dept to put a customer service agent in this position.

Apr 20, 2009, 2:48 AM
was being nosey(and bored tonight) american doesnt have a flight 1749 lax to nyc (couldnt find the flight number anywere in their system

Apr 20, 2009, 1:56 PM
For Leatherboy2006, here is flight info. I hope you can find it now.

Saturday, April 18, 2009
Alaska Airlines # 1749
Operated by: AMERICAN AIRLINES -- AA 1749
Los Angeles International (LAX) to New York John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
Departure (LAX): April 18, 9:15 PM PDT (evening)
Arrival (JFK): April 19, 5:35 AM EDT (morning)

Apr 21, 2009, 3:16 PM
I think the original poster does not understand what standby means. He said the flight was overbooked and couldn't believe the standby list. The standby list is not overbooking.

Apr 21, 2009, 5:43 PM
Correct, standby means something else. However, gate computer displays a list of people who do not have seats as "standby". The announcement was, I quote "folks we are sorry, flight is oversold, bla bla". Oversold. Oversold and overbooked mean the same to me. Picking at my language here is a bit useless, my point is still valid

Apr 22, 2009, 3:07 AM
No......it it isn't valid. And that was the point of my post. I understand you may not know the difference between the 2 but when you go on a message board and start throwing around blame, then you'd better know the difference. I HIGHLY doubt the flight was OVERSOLD my 60.

I am guessing here, but it is an educated guess from 20+ plus years experience but you heard the word oversold used in an announcement, you saw alot of people milling around and overheard people saying they didn't have a seat yet and assumed they were all booked for this flight. You also then inflated the number as that is human nature, to imbelish a bit. Not faulting you, it's just what people do.

I also just wanted to touch on something you mentioned about the gate computer display. You said it "displays a list of people who do not have seats as standby."
WRONG. It displays a list of people in the classification they are in.

CONF=confirmed passenger without a seat.....top of the list
MISH=mishandled passenger from another flight with priority over regular standbys
STBY=standby from another flight. The "Y" may be varied depending on priority.
NREV=airline staff.......the very bottom of the barrel.

Probably more I forgot....it's been almost a year since I've been behind a counter.

Apr 22, 2009, 8:21 PM
Judge, your defense of the (your?) airline is precious but uncalled for, especially when facts are verifiable.

I'm computer coder by trade, implying having a good attention to detail and logic.

The rep. at the gate said about 60 people on my flight were without seats, not any other flight. I looked into the boarding passes of few people, they were like mine without seat. The seats couldn't be assigned because there weren't any according to the man. Once again, I did not see what he saw so maybe he was just nuts and kept 60 people on standby. Did you ever see that? Later on, he asked for volunteers. People were offered 1). $500 AA vouchers to take a later flight or 2). Hotel to fly out next day if seats were available.

Do you also doubt they double printed my ticket? Call them up, all information is in previous posts. Post back on the forum. Maybe you'll hear them embilish a bit, ha?