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Jun 19, 2007, 1:40 PM
My wife and I woke up early on the morning of April 1st in a DFW airport hotel, ready to fly American Airlines to LAX on the first leg of our honeymoon trip to Tahiti. We were surprised, then, as we made our way to the ticket counter when my wife's voice mail informed her that our flight had been canceled for no given reason.

To make a long story short, American had no other flight to LAX that would make our connecting flight to Tahiti (despite the 4 hour layover in LAX we had planned to mitigate the occurrence of just such an event) so the customer service agent suggested we fly to Burbank, rent a car, drive to LAX, and write customer service after we got back for reimbursement of the car rental. Because we followed her advice, we made our flight to Tahiti and are very appreciative to that agent for her suggestion.

However, when we wrote to customer service for the $50 car rental reimbursement, we received a long e-mail (with no avenue of response) that effectively said American Airlines has no responsibility to reimburse us when "extenuating circumstances" prevents them from operating as planned. (Where "extenuation circumstances" evidently means the cancellation of a flight whenever American wants for whatever reason they want without revealing said reason to their customers.)

This incident compounds other incidences of rudeness and general apathy we have observed displayed toward ourselves and other customers over the last two years or so by American Airlines and their employees. My overall impression of American Airlines has morphed over the last two years from a company that was truly trying to do right by each individual customer to a large corporation who views their customers as a statistical probability curve and is out to discover just how far they can cut service expenses, but still retain a critical mass of pliable cash cows.

To a couple whose annual income is well into 6 figures, $50 is fairly unimportant to us on a raw financial scale. However, the fact that American won't refund a $50 expense we incurred because of their inability to keep a flight schedule speaks volumes as to how they view us as customers and how very little they actually value our business. Thus, in the future, my wife and I (who used to travel AA relatively frequently for both business and pleasure) will take our business to American Airlines competitors whenever possible in the hopes that this trend we’ve noticed in the last couple of years at AA does not represent the entire airline industry.

I look forward to the day American Airlines once again has leaders that appreciate the value of the individual customer so that I, one of those customers, might once again fly the “friendly skies”.

Aaron Wilkinson

Sep 17, 2007, 9:39 PM
If $50 is not important because you are so affluent, then why did you ask for a refund in the first place, dunski?
BTW, you book your honeymoon on April fool's day and don't expect any mishaps?

Sep 26, 2007, 2:09 PM
American Airlines ruined my honeymoon- we didn't even get to go! I am sorry you have to deal with them as well! Even if $50 isn't a lot, it's the principle of the thing!!