View Full Version : Suggestion Realise that you need customers!

Apr 3, 2010, 12:05 PM
Customer service with this airline is ZERO.. You get the feeling that they just don't care!! WHY ANYONE would fly with airline as a frequent flyer is beyond me. From the second you check in to the second you get off the plane you feel as though you are being treated as cattle. They need to look at the way in which PROPER airlines operate and see how you can STILL BE POLITE and maintain sercurity on the plane. I am convinced from watching the attitudes of the FAs on the two flights I took that 95% of ANY 'air rage' problems would be caused by the BAD practices of the the staff, in fact it is my belief that they try to goad passengers into rows with them. I have never encountercounted such a surly, lazy bunch of individuals ( and I used to teach teenagers).

IF this airline wants to survive they need to realise that the customer is powerful (look what one blog did to DELL share prices!), we don't have to rely on word of mouth , I get treated badly on a plane and I can tell everyone on Twitter/Facebook ... word travels faster than your planes! They need to treat their customers at leat with civility!

There is NO NEED for the attitude ... lose it or lose customers.. your choice Continental! Train your staff and get some with brains!!