View Full Version : Customer Service I am disabled and British airways failed to supply Oxygen for my needs

Jun 25, 2010, 4:07 PM
I supplied oxygen request forms exactly as requested; they were co signed by my Medical Doctor as requested.

I arrived at Calgary airport 27th May 2009 and British Airways Plc. let me go in to the airport lounge duty free area.

Staff then refused to fly me, asked me to get a form signed for oxygen level less than 4 litres per minute.

I was then told by British Airways Plc staff that may fly me the next day?

As a result of the pain fear and frustration British Airways Plc caused me I felt so let down that I had no choice.

I went on another airline with Bacteria masks flew over 9 hours using face masks which caused me great stress.

Add insult to injury I flew again with British Airways Plc. on 13th September 2009 again form filled for 2 liter flow oxygen.

On 13th September 2009 there was only only one bottle of oxygen was supplied for 91/2 flight.

On 29th September 2009 flying with British Airways Plc. again only one bottle of oxygen supplied for 91/2 flight.

Previously letters asked for assurances from Mr Willie Walsh that my needs would be fulfilled was not to be.

So lack of response in letters was the very least of my issues with British Airways Plc.

I have reported to the airline authorities at both Heathrow and at Calgary that British Airways Plc. failed me badly.

As a disabled person with peak flow less than 220 with Asthma COPD Bronchitis and low immune system.

British Airways Plc. has failed to meet my needs as a paying passenger and as a disabled person.

British Airways Plc. staff knew on the very first flight I was flying to my mother’s side that had a stroke.

So lack of caring letters, is it about the 1100.00 CAD I had paid for the alternative airline flight because British Airways Plc. refused to fly me on?

I wrote letters in hope that British Airways Plc. would make sure they never put another person through that hell.

Can you imagine how much stress lack of oxygen can cause an oxygen deficient customer who is in need of it?

British Airways Plc. is not accepting reasonability is very weak and hiding in its fear and prestige.

Not accepting responsibility is a sign of a coward’s actions and poor reflection of CEO lack of spiritual values of British Airways Plc. not caring.

I did not expect too much from British Airways Plc. just the oxygen I requested on the British Airways Plc. forms supplied.

I at least hoped British Airways Plc. would at least get it right the second or third time of flying with them.

Sadly one bottle of oxygen will not give constant 2 litre oxygen flow rate for 91/2 hours.

How many times do you need to be told after all you are supposed to be the airline experts and professionals?