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Feb 12, 2008, 1:10 AM
It was a bright, sunny day out at Phoenix Sky Harbor in Arizona. I arrived at my gate early before the plane was supposed to arrive. The plane pulled up to the gate 15 minutes before we were scheduled to takeoff. I didnt mind since that was the luck of the draw. The passengers deplanned, and 5 minutes later we started boarding. I found my seat with my partner. I looked out the window and watched the ground crew carelessly throwing passengers check baggage onto the ramp leading onto the plane. One guy dropped the baggage on the ground and laughed. (Probably not laughing about dropping the bag, just not caring about his duties)

We finally took off from Phoenix. As we were climbing to our reaching altitude, I started to cry alittle bit because I really didnt want to leave Arizona going back to Oregon. I was able to wipe my eyes on my shirt past the time they were handing out beverages. When I asked for a new napkin, they refused. I bought their snack pack (I believe was $5.00) to get the napkin. I later asked for a pillow of blanket and they said no to me, and made an anouncement there were none on board over the PA (I am glad they didnt. Read on to find out). I feel I would have had better service if I would have flown on some cargo plane with chickens and goats.

I tried making complaints to their customer relations department. If you call you can sit on hold for literally over an hour before being hung up on. I only waited that long once before I hung up after ever half hour waiting time. The best way to complain is online. Send many messages. In return they will send you a 5%, 10%, 15% off next flight coupon (depending on how much you pay means which one you get to use)

Recently, my friend started dating a flight attendant from US Airways. He told me to never use the pillows or blankets as they are rarely washed and just folded and put back into place. They can get you from point A to B, but many of their employees are bitter about the Merger that took place a few years ago and the layoff of employees to save money. They are working on the over all picture of trying to expand destinations and saving money, but are not focusing on customer service. Dont get me wrong, they have great flight attendants and bad ones as does with every airline. Overall I feel the company as a whole does not give a crap about the customers it serves.

Silent Bob
Feb 12, 2008, 5:48 AM
Hey quick question: you paid 5 bucks for a snackpack? Don't they have tissues and paper towels in the bathroom?

Feb 12, 2008, 6:45 AM
Yep. They do have tissues and toliet paper on planes. I didnt look, as you really dont know how sanitary the tissue paper is in there, and I wouldnt want to rub my eyes in it and get pink eye.

Silent Bob
Feb 12, 2008, 8:00 AM
You're on a plane breathing recycled air and your worried about pink eye? what about the chair you sit on, they don't really hose em down do they? what about bacteria that may or may not be festering in that "snack pack"? (then again you bought it for the "napkin") This is one of those comments you have to ask "why"? its not really a complaint against anything really, as is a general observation that can be applied towards any airline, not necessarily against US Airways. Why bother flying if we're all gonna get pink eye among other diseases that may fester in an airplane?

Feb 12, 2008, 3:47 PM
Why do you have an account with airlinecomplaints.org? All I have seen you do is bitch on others threads. Wheres your thread about your experience? Do you even have one? Yes its recycled air, and planes arent 100% sanitary as nothing is. My last comment was stating limiting infection. Your probably one of those people who would ride a city bus, drop ice cream on a seat, and lick it off. You're surrounded by germs correct? All people ask is to be treated with dignity and respect and give people the false feeling of being valued. You should not have to get tissue from next to a public toilet to wipe your eyes. Why have a customer service line when the customers only get hung up on? There are a few other recent threads from US Airways passengers with the same problem.

Personally, I have flown them many times and had bad service over and over again, thinking it was just that crew. That experience ****** me off enough to try letting management know my concerns and basically got nowhere. Many people want to become flight attendants. Yes because they will have over 100 applicants show up to group interviews, and only select the few needed. You have bad eggs in there that are protected by their union.

In the end, its my money and I will not choose to fly them, and stick with Alaska Airlines or United.

Silent Bob
Feb 12, 2008, 9:30 PM
Nope I don't have any complaints for this boards. I mean I could complain, as a frequent traveler I have my share of stories, but its nothing no one has heard before. Who hasn't been on a delayed flight? misconnect? given rude customer service? I've just gotten to the point that i simply don't care about the airlines, their job is to get me from point a to point b, with many a bumps along the way and that's it. I've made my friends in the industry, I have friends who are agents and flight attendents, in doing so you learn things about how this industry works. Can you get compensated for a delay? No. But people complain they should. Should you get a hotel if the flight is cancelled because of weather? No. Unless your handicap or a mother travelling with her children. Do airlines recompensate you for a loss day of wages because of a cancelled flight? They won't, but you can try. So that's why I'm here, because i've been there. Plus some of the complaints are down right hilarious. Yes they are serious to the writer, but from the perspective of the reader, just wow! But I had to post yours in my office because the napkin thing, good job.

Surrounded by germs? Just by walking outside your door you're gonna get hit with millions of em. So we're all surrounded by germs on the daily. Oh and to answer your customer service line question? People choose to stay on those lines because they think the line is the only option they have. However one could call reservations, they do the exact same job and the wait may be just as long or shorter. I also use Orbitz for travelling and in any given situation where I deal with a cancellation or i'm misconnected or delayed, I can call them and they will rebook me and that's all I really need. But some people want more, but in most cases they usually won't get anything.

Good luck with United, I fly them as well and they usually do a great job.

Feb 13, 2008, 6:41 AM
See, I learned something. I didn't know you could complain to reservations about an experience.