View Full Version : Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Delta in Memphis July 30, 2010

Aug 1, 2010, 4:58 PM
I just finished a business trip and had the unfortunate experience of flying on Delta through Memphis TN this last Friday night 7-30-10. Not only did we have mechanical failures on our first leg, but they made us all late for connecting flights out of their hub in Memphis. To compensate, they gave us two meal vouhers for six dollars each, and tried to put us in a substandard hotel for the night. Yes, we were stuck there. And it wasn't just our flight. As we sat in the hotel talking about our experience, more and more people left stranded by Delta's internal management issues, cancelled or overbooked flights at Memphis (one story I heard was they removed three people from the plane because it was overweight...Whatever, lame excuse) came in holding their precious 6 dollar vouchers. Most not on business, couldn't afford the night in Memphis. I will never ever fly Delta or into Memphis again. Ticket counter attendants and their useless red vested supervisors were not in a hurry to help either. Delta looks like it's turning into another Jet Blue type of airline. Absolutely no service, and they won't take responsibiltiy for their mistakes. After waking early Sat AM 7-31-10, trying to connect to a flight back to Spokane, they booked my connecting flight in MN so close I had to run, AGAIN, through the airport to make the plane. Rediculous. Next time I go on a trip I'm wearing gym clothes. And taking extra clothes in case of abandonment. How their stocks are improving is a mystery. Delta Stocks are a scam too.

Aug 1, 2010, 9:38 PM
It sounds like Delta did compensate you for the mechanical issue. $6 voucher isn't a ton but it still gets you food, it might not be lobster but its food. And they put you in a hotel. Now according to your standards you say it was sub-par please provide the name and location of the hotel they put you in so we can all judge the quality of it. I admit I would love Delta to have more reps on hand for these situations and to keep everyone up to date but I don't see that changing anytime soon. Plus I know no other airline who does have coverage like that when things start to go down.

Sorry about your experience but it sounds like they owned up to their error and covered you. If they made you buy your own food and hotel you would have a solid case.

Aug 1, 2010, 9:49 PM
Did you read the complaint? Pisspoor service, poor quality low rent hotel and $6 for a meal... it is outrageous. Delta are a nightmare and the fact that they are by far the most complained about airline on this board, and have terrible DOT rankings testifies to that fact. JetBlue are a dream in comparison. Delta's nasty anti-consumer attitude is more comparible to Spirit or in Europe, Ryanair. It was a huge mistake not allowing this company to go bankrupt. Customers spoke loud and clear and the airline went bankrupt. It was the government which rescued it... and they learned a valuable lesson. You can screw your customers, employees and suppliers and the government will reward you with anti-trust exemption to buy out another airline and emerge as the largest airline in the world. Delta has been taught that doing right by the customer is not the way to grow.... treating them like crap, ripping them off and going bankrupt is far more profitable.