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Aug 18, 2010, 1:49 AM
Dear Delta,
I am writing to express my extreme disappointment in how my family was treated by your JFK and La Guardia customer service staff today, as it was a unnecessarily negative ending to their first trip to NYC. As I professional, I firmly believe that attitude reflects leadership and it’s become painfully apparent that this concept is lost when it comes to those leading and training your customer service team.

When I arrived at the airport this morning, I noticed that my flight was overbooked (an insipid, greedy and unethical practice if you ask me) so I called my family to warn them that they would probably run into the same issue on their flight. Sure enough, not only was this the case, but their seats had ALREADY BEEN GIVEN AWAY to standbys despite being checked into the flight the night before and arriving almost an hour before their flight was even scheduled to leave the ground. The customer service reps simply refused to print them their boarding passes and told them they had brought this on themselves because they were “late”, insisting that if you aren’t present with your boarding pass printed over an hour ahead of time, reassigning your seats to someone else is a completely acceptable practice. That was just the beginning.

They ended up being told that they had to go to La Guardia to have any chance of catching a flight home today and that they would have to figure out how to get themselves there. When they arrived at La Guardia, they were told they would have to pay an additional $400 PER PERSON because of the airport change...something that should have been outlined before they were sent away from JFK.

My mother then had to deal with multiple customer service reps, all of which were more interested in berating her about being “late” for the first flight and saying there was nothing they could do to help her before she was finally able to talk to a manager that was magically able to knock the $400 per person fee down to $50…all the while making it very clear how grateful she should be that they were allowing this to happen.

Have you ever received a call from your mother in tears because she feels helpless, your brother and sister feel lost and you are hundreds of miles away? As a Marketing and Travel Coordinator, I’ve had my own issues with Delta customer service in the past, but this was the last straw. Obviously I can no longer rely on Delta as a vendor and as such, I refuse to run the risk of receiving a call like that again…from my family or from my coworkers.

The events that transpired today are completely unacceptable and we will no longer be customers of Delta for business or pleasure. At the very least, I feel a written apology and a refund are owed to my mother.



Aug 18, 2010, 9:07 PM
Hi! I am new here. That was terrible. Not only did they take away her seat, they wouldn't compensate her or at the very least, admit that was all their falt. How did they work that out for you?