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Aug 20, 2010, 11:34 AM
I have been loyal to Usairways for over 23 years and have overlooked much in that time. However, this is the absolute last straw.

Planning a family vacation I wanted to book reward flights. Knowing how fast these seats go, I diligently went in daily to see if my "flight" days were available. When I felt they would open in the next few days I called Dmiles to find out what time their systems refreshed so I could be first to book the reward seats. THe philippean call center could not comprehend my request, so I requested to be transferred to the states. The rep informed me to dial the number I just called, press 3 and ask to be transferred. I informed her, that's how I got her why couldn't she transfer me? her response? Call the number again, press three and maybe you'll get an American. Long story short after 5 people (and SEVERAL poor experiences), I got someone in the US a "supervisor". Who could have cared less about my question or concern.
My reward flights become available and I get up that day at 6am to book.
Three things happened: 1) The site wouldn't take my wife's name and had to book it under her maiden name (which causes an ID issue as her license doesn't have her maiden name) 2) It told me my account didn't have enough miles and I had to transfer them (at the cost of 50.00) even though there were sufficient miles there. 3) We have a dividend miles credit card and if we use it to pay the processing fee, we get a 5,000 point deduction on the cost of the reward. It didn't make the deduction on one reward flight.

Upset sabout my poor experience, the issues with the website and that 23 years of loyalty meant nothing, I found a number for corporate to let them know of the poor service I received. I requested an executive and she told me she would transfer me to Customer Relations. I asked if that was a call center or an executive group: reply "yes". I get transferred to a voice mail. Furious that someone didn't pick up the phone, I get back to the operator and inform her she may have misunderstood, I asked for an executive, not a call center voice mail. She slammed me on hold, comes back and says "do you want transferred to that mailbox"? Resigned I say yes. I leave a scathing message that I expect a return call. In the interim, I find a direct number for the COE and call it, the number is not the COE any longer but Jason empathizes and tries to help. Unfortunately he has to route me to another number which puts me back into call center land. I hang up and prefer to take my changes with C. Relations.

Jennifer from C. Relations calls me back and asks how she can assist. I proceed with telling her in detail about my loyalty, the number of transfers the poor service, etc. Mid sentence she says "I know you have a lot of detail and I appreciate it, but what do you want?". I outline the following:
1) A new ticket with a corrected name
2) Refund of my 5,000 miles that were taken and shouldn't have been.
3) Refund of the 50.00 that i had to pay to transfer and shouldn't have.
4) Compensation for my pain and suffering since no one seemed to care that I was loyal.
She indicated she'd call me back. Several days later she calls:
1) Reservations has corrected my wifes name. Fantastic!
2) 5,000 miles were reapplied to my account. Fantastic!
3) Unfortunately, the 50.00 cannot be refunded since it was a 3rd party website, but we'll issue a 50.00 voucher for future travel. Ok, no problem!
4) Under our policy the issues you have experience are not compensatable as they were not USAIRWAYS fault. however, I'm willing to giv eyou upto 100.00 off a future flight.

UM, if they weren't your fault that your system asked but wouldn't accept he correct name, took too many miles from my account AND told me I didn't have enough, when I did. Whose fault is it mine?

Her response: No, I'm not saying that at all. You wouldn't have known that your wife's name in our system was incorrect. I respond and say, this was Usairways fault. After her trying to interrupt me several times. I finally ask for a supervisor. I had to ask 3 times for a supervisor to be told: they will tell you the same thing I told you. This is not a compensatable situation, we did nothing wrong! I'm told either SHE or a supervisor will call me back within 5-10 days but I'll get the same response. Then proceeds to say. You have been nothing but condescending since you picked up the phone. Maybe had you been a little nicer, we would have helped you faster. Stunned my response, was if any of my employees every spoke to a customer in the manner that you have, they would be fired on the spot. UM if you're corporate customer relations, shouldn't you be trained to address irrate customers? Geesh.

During the 5-10 day period, I calm myself a tad: 1) After vowing never to fly them again (after my reward flight) 2) Vowing that all 10 of us flying would wear t-shirts on that flight saying "I hate usairways" and 3) Taking an add out of the Phoenix paper where doug parker lives saying "DO not fly Usairways". I realize i've not gotten emails regarding the 50.00 voucher and the updated ticket. So I call D. miles back. yeah, you guessed in the philippines cannot comprehend my question. She tells me I should have gotten those at the airport. I tell her I haven't flown yet. DEAD SILENCE.Long story short, I get no where. So I wait 10 days, NO Supervisor call.
I politely leave a follow up voicemail that I was waiting on a sup call, but that I couldn't remember if it had been 10 days or not.

Score: I didn't get a sup, but got Elaine. She was fantastic. Listened to my situation, let me rant. Empathized, Sympathized. Everything that the Jennifer did NOT do. She even went above and beyond to outline what, when, why! At the end of the call, I told her she literally saved the company my business with how she approached the call. I told her all I wanted was someone to care.

I check email and get the updated ticket and a 100.00 voucher (which she threw in for my troubles) in my email. The 50.00 reimbursement wasn't there. I call and leave a voicemail again just stating there may have been some confusion.

Kendrix calls me back. Long story short, he tells me there's no record of the 50.00 I tell him there may have been confusion. He asks me to hold. Comes back and says: According to our guidelines we have made the situation whole and compensated you. Long story short, his attitude and response was: I should be grateful for what I got. Then tried to tell me that they "gave" me 5,000 miles. UM YOU TOOK THEM and shouldn't have. They gave me 50.00, UM your website said I didn't have enough miles, when I did and had to transfer. He responds with, you should have called D. Miles tech support. My response, was I tried, they couldn't comprehend English which started all this trouble. Finally, I was so angry again. (It wasn't about the $$, I just wanted to know if I had confused the situation but his attitude and stance that "usairways did nothing wrong" sent me over the edge. So I respond with, I just want you guys to give a Sh**t about the company and customer. I did for 23 years and didn't get paid for it. I then ask for a supervisor only to be told, they handle internal issues only. We're empowered to resolve all customer issues. SO Jennifer lied to me, which explains why I never got a call. She jsut figured I'd let it go. I finally went too far and told him that the next time USairways went into bancruptcy I hoped they failed and that they would NEVER get another dollar either professionally or personally from me again. His response: why would you want a company you fly to fail. My response, was I've lost nothing if the company fails, their reward tickets. I'll GLADY pay a competitor full fare if that happens. I'll happliy address the lack of customer service with Doug Parker. His response was, it'll customer filter down to us anyway. This reward flight will be my last on any UsAirways plane. Which is sad, because I was so loyal for so very long. I wish I had the technical savvy to A) post something on you tube to get their attention and B) the skill to create a "donotflyUsairways" website for all of that have had enough. Usairways your founding airlines (Allegheny, PSA, and piedmont) would be ashamed at what you've turned into. Hope the tens of thousands of professional and personal dollars I've pumped into your company aren't missed too sorely over the next 30 years.

Butch Cassidy Slept Here
Aug 20, 2010, 5:36 PM
Sadly, "loyalty" means nothing to just about all the US-based airlines. Accordingly, most frequent flier programs are worthless and a fraud--at least when it comes to trying to get free or discounted flights. If you have any US Airways miles left you might be able to salvage them by seeing if its possible to transfer them to a "frequent stay" program of a major hotel chain. Swear-off ALL airline frequent flier programs and you will have eliminated one, of several, aggravating aspects of air travel.

Butch Cassidy Slept Here
Aug 20, 2010, 10:09 PM
This reward flight will be my last on any UsAirways plane

Don’t do it!! At this point ANY airline—even a backwoods third world airline—would be better for you to travel on than US Airways. Any advantage you get from those Dividend Miles tickets is more than wiped-out by what US Airways may have in store for you. For you and your family US Airways is now a predatory animal, and you and your vacation are its dinner! As an example, there has probably been a negative comment made on your reservation record: “Watch-out for this guy. He’s a troublemaker!” You, and maybe the rest of your family, may see “SSSS” on your boarding pass. This will cause you to be subjected to extra searches at airport security—all courtesy of US Airways’ vindictiveness. Expect the gate agent to switch your assigned seats to a place near the toilets or the galley. If a gate agent decides to verbally spit in your face, and you object, a call to the airport police, and denied boarding, could follow. “Officer, look at this notation in his reservation. Our reservations people said he was a troublemaker too!”

My advice is to walk-away from your Dividend Miles tickets and arrange your vacation travel with another airline. Be careful about travel with United because a number of their flights are code shares operated by US Airways. If you’re still determined to use those Dividend Miles tickets:
* Familiarize yourself with the flight times of other airlines along the route you will be traveling and look at what they charge for “walk-up” fares.
* Look at the cost and availability of motel (overnight) accommodations at connecting points and the airport you will be returning from.
* Depending on the city you’re originating at, and where you’re going to, Amtrak might be another “back-up” option.

U.S. Airways Trauma Vic
Nov 5, 2010, 5:41 AM
Read the following and weep. And when you’re done, read U.S. Airways' “Customer Service Plan (http://www.usairways.com/en-US/aboutus/customersfirst/customerserviceplan.html).” When they screwed up my flight, did they offer me a free hotel room? A meal? Common courtesy? Any of the things promised in their Customer Service Plan? Nope!
Instead, I spent about 15 hours hanging about airports on the East Coast trying to fly to the West Coast because of ineptitude and outright bullying, criminal behavior by ticket agents who clearly abused their power.
I was to fly from Newark, NJ (EHR) to Oakland, CA (OAK) on the morning of Oct. 23, where I would be picked up by a relative to attend my goddaughter's wedding (my sole reason for this trip). However, the flight was delayed several hours in Newark and that meant I would have missed connection to Oakland in Phoenix. They instead put me (a fearful flyer since good friend/pilot was killed in a plane crash) on a "puddle jumper" flight with twin props. - in first row emergency seat where I felt every air pocket - on flight to Phila., where I was to connect to flight landing in Oakland. I knew I would now be late for wedding ceremony but still hoped to make the reception. Then I realized that my flight from Philadelphia to Oakland involved seating in exit row, in a middle seat. As I arrived from puddle jumper flight terrified and feeling sick from nervous stomach, and as I had paid for upgrade to aisle or window seat b/c I am a small person and tend to get squished/feel claustrophobic when put in middle seat, I was concerned about my seating placement. US AIRWAYS 800 # reservation rep. said the ticket agents would "gladly" help me. God help us all if their behavior remotely exemplifies "glad" or "helpful" behavior. While they were unfailingly courteous to the man in front of me, they were curt and rude with me when my turn came to ask basically the same thing he was asking. I was not allowed to complete a sentence because an obnoxious ticket agent refused to even listen. Then a second ticket agent named Walter C. jumped in and basically told me to shut up and sit down, thereby forcing me to blurt out quickly that I needed a seat change because I was afraid I would be ill given the circumstances. That prompted this genius to grab my ticket and "determine" I was "unfit" for flight (he clearly did not think this - was only abusing his authority). I asked to see his supervisor, who was clearly his buddy and an even bigger sexist who seemingly did not think women should be allowed to speak.. This supervisor (Gary, I believe) also refused to let me complete a single sentence & actually seemed to "get off" on treating me -- a 51 year old woman -- like a child. I doubt this would have happened had my husband or any man been present with me. Gary decided to "punish" me for trying to speak by bumping me from the flight I had paid for. I called the 800 customer service rep. They were kind and arranged for me to get on a different flight. This clearly annoyed Walter C., whose face turned quite ugly with rage.. He left his post in a huff to find Gary, who returned to my new departure gate (where I was talking on my telephone with my relative in California). Gary was accompanied by a somewhat heavyset woman with bleached blonde hair and a Disney sweatshirt. These two asked me to step out of line. By this time I literally broke into tears. The bleached blonde, unprofessional looking woman said she was Gary's counterpart (e.g., also a "supervisor"). I believe her name was Barbara. She was offended that I asked her to identify herself, apparently. Both she and Gary were also offended when I again, after listening to Gary's power trip tirade about shutting up and "behaving," tried to rationally explain the situation. Any customer service rep I spoke with at the U.S. AIRWAYS 800 number - will confirm I was completely rational, only shaken from my horrendous flight from Newark to Phila. on that tiny plane. So these ticket agents took it upon themselves to bump me from yet another flight. I now had no prospects of making my goddaughter's wedding, but I still had a hotel room that I'd already paid for and, as Barbara delighted in telling me, I would not be reimbursed for my airfare. Walter C., by the way, had a quite satisfied smirk on his face as he beheld this spectacle. Finally, an 800 rep arranged for me to take a flight FROM A DIFFERENT TERMINAL so I could escape these bullies. I essentially flew out to California (to San Francisco airport, by the way - far from relatives' home) and spent all that money for nothing because of these classless ticket agents in U.S. Airways employ in Philadelphia. Perhaps I show my age, but I remember a time when the airline passenger, who pays a significant amount of money, by the way, was treated with common courtesy and when airlines believed in customer satisfaction. I have asked U.S. Airways for a refund of my airfare for this flight, given that I missed the wedding - the sole reason for flying to Calif. - based on a series of errors and outright bullying by their ticketing staff in Philadelphia. I would also like an apology for the cruel, humiliating and traumitizing treatment I was exposed to at the hands of their staff. I am not holding my breath -- but I wonder how U.S. Airways CEO Doug Parker would like it if HIS WIFE were treated that way?

I am also filing a complaint with the proper federal authorities about these actions by U.S. Airways employees, which I still feel traumitized by. I believe Walter C., Gary and Barbara stepped way out of the bounds of proper behavior. In addition, I am a former journalist and current blogger and PR consultant. I plan to investigate this to determine if this is an isolated incident or whether U.S. AIRWAYS treats single women travelers in this fashion more frequently than male passengers. I suspect I'll find the latter is true. Anecdotally, I've been told horror stories about flying out of Philly on U.S. Airways by women, including a friend who happens to be a respected professor of English at a major university, who said she was strip-searched at this airport for absolutely no reason AND WAS FLYING ON A U.S. AIRWAYS FLIGHT. I sincerely believe, based on the treatment I received compared to the man who stood in front of me at the ticket agent desk, that it is not safe for women to fly alone aboard U.S. Airways flights -- not if Walter C. or Gary's behaviors are indicative of what we can expect. Barbara is a disgrace to all women, incidentally.

Nov 5, 2010, 9:09 AM
It is a shame you didn't get any witnesses to support your claim, because this is going to come down to "he said, she said". However, you might also ask the airport if they have any CCTV footage of that day. If they do, I would consider getting a lawyer if your version of events is true.