View Full Version : Customer Service US Airways "Buy up to Preferred" Scam - Be Warned!

Aug 31, 2010, 12:55 AM
On December 31, 2009, I purchased from US Airways an upgrade to silver status for 2010. I had silver status for 2009, but it would expire in March 2010. US Airways was offering customers an opportunity to buy up to preferred status. Customers who hadn't flown the miles/segments could pay the difference in order to receive preferred status. The cost for the number of miles/segments I needed was $579.00. At the time it seemed to be a good investment - prepaying baggage, upgrades, etc. However, when my 2009 status expired in March 2010, US Airways downgraded my status despite the fact that I had purchased the upgrade for 2010. I have contacted US Airways numerous times and only one agent has acknowledged that I paid for something I didn't receive. He could see the transaction in my dividend miles file and said the problem may be that I purchased the upgrade on the 31st of the month and the offer expired the following day. All other agents claim not to see the transaction or do not acknowledge that I purchased anything. They have told me that, unless I can provide a ticket number, they can't help me. Of course, I can't provide a ticket number because I didn't puchase a ticket; I purchased a status upgrade. They insist that my credit card company must provide me with a 12-13 digit code beginning with the numbers "037." I purchased the upgrade on USAirways.com with my US Airways Mastercard issued by Barclay Bank. Barclay confirms the purchase and payment, but states that they don't use a 12-13 digit code. They provided me with a six digit authorization code which US Airways can't/won't accept. Barclay Bank/US Airways Mastercard will not help me with the problem. I became so frustrated with the situation and the inability to resolve it that I dropped it and just decided not to fly US Airways or use my US Airways Mastercard. However, I noticed today that US Airways is offering the same deal/scam to customers wishing to purchase an upgrade to a preferred status: http://www.usairways.com/en-US/dividendmiles/preferred/buy-up-to-preferred.html. I want to warn others not to fall prey as I did. I pretty much got mugged by US Airways. Don't let it happen to you.

Aug 31, 2010, 6:33 AM
Your decision to just "drop it" is crazy. You need to take action. You can file a claim in Small Claims Court. You are probably too late to dispute the charge with Barclays Bank, but you really should take this further. Send a detailed letter to US Airways, including a photocopy of the credit card statement and details of what you purchased. State that you have not received the service you purchased and that US Airways refusal to provide redress is unacceptable. Unless they refund the money within 30 days you will file a claim in Small Claims Court. They will then be responsible for any costs incurred. You cannot lose... if you purchased a service and the provider fails to provide the service, they are in breach of contract and you cannot lose the case. You are mad to just let it go.