View Full Version : Do not book Hainan Airlines

May 24, 2011, 1:06 PM
If you do not want to have a cancelled flight right before you start your carefully planned trip, DO NOT BOOK WITH HAINAN AIRLINES! :mad:

We planned and booked our family Europe vaction back in March 2011 for the summer. When I booked the flight from Prague to Shanghai as our last stop in Europe before we fly to China, so I booked with Hainan Airlines. Now two days before we leave for our Europe trip, the airlines "Irregularlar Flight Service Department" :p sent me an email email and told me that they cancelled my flight. I called long distance from US to China and talked to that department, they told me that they could not get me a different airline and I have to either stay two days longer or leave two days earlier, or cancel the booking. I booked the tickets on Travelocity and I have to deal with their customer service about. Usually I have to wait for about 30 minutes before I can get alive person on the phone. I have to change many parts of my itenerary throughout the vacation. If I book with an different airlines, I have to pay almost double the price than I would have paid back in March.

This is absoultely horrible experience with Hainan Airlines. I will never trust this Airlines again! The funny name for that department also is ironic: irregular flight....it really should be called "irregular nonflight department." :rolleyes: The staff at that department is very indifferent too....they told me " as long as we notify you the cancellation 15 days in advance, according to International ...Law, we are not responsible for any loss you may have....." Our trip is a 3-week vacation involving 4 countries and 7 cities, that's why this is last minute cancellation for us!!

So stay away from Hainan Airlines! Horrible!