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May 29, 2011, 12:24 AM
Flights 5455 & 4261

The flight was a Delta Connection flight using equipment CRJ200 (9E). The plane didn't have room for overhead carry on storage, so the carry on luggage was checked at the gate without a fee for all the passengers that had carry on luggage. A laptop, purse, backpack, or briefcase I donít have a problem with in this situation. I paid a fee to have my baggage checked, so I felt like I was being ripped off and I think it is unacceptable to allow those people to have their baggage checked for free when I paid to check mine. This is the same thing that happened on Flights 4261 and 3899 of my trip.

Next, the plane had a mechanical problem, and we sat in a hot plane with no air conditioning, for almost an hour so a mechanic could get there and fix the problem.

I finally got to Memphis and went to the gate to board my flight to Knoxville. With a boarding time of 1:40 pm, I arrived at the gate in time to board. With no reason given by the gate agent, we didnít board the plane until well after 2:20 pm.

Worse yet, after paying to have my baggage checked, my baggage was lost. It was sent to Detroit, then to Memphis, then to Knoxville. I was supposed to have it delivered at 10 pm that evening according to the lost baggage agent in Knoxville, but it ended up being almost 1 pm the next day before I received my luggage. The day of my niece's wedding.

I called the baggage claim line with the understanding that the fee I had paid to check my baggage would be refunded to me, since it had been over 12 hours. The agent said that the only thing that she could do was to offer me a voucher for luggage on the next time I fly, not realizing that I would again have to pay to have my baggage checked on the flight home I told her that I wanted my money back and she told me that I would have to contact someone else.

Delta's website isnít clear that the fee for checking baggage is charged for each way in a round trip ticket, so, when I checked in online for my return trip, I was shocked to see that I was going to have to pay again for having my luggage checked.

Flights 3899 & 1635

Again, flight 3899 was a Delta Connection flight using equipment CRJ200 (9E). And, again the plane didn't have room for overhead carry on storage, so the carry on luggage was checked at the gate without a fee for all the passengers that had carry on luggage. My problem with this practice is that it could be solved by simply requiring all baggage to be checked on connection flights using this equipment and either donít charge anyone, or charge everyone so that it is fair.

The final insult was after I arrived in Detroit to find that my connecting flight was delayed, first we were told it was because of the equipment, and then because the flight crew was delayed.

A flight that was supposed to be taking off at 7:52 ended up boarding at 9:22 pm. When we finally did push from the gate, we taxied to the runway only to end up sitting on a plane at the end of the runway for over an hour with little to no air conditioning, nothing to drink but a small glass of warm water, all because a storm had closed the Milwaukee airport. That storm, by the way, would have never been a problem if we had left at the scheduled time.

Finally, after we were airborne, we were told that there wouldnít be any beverage service, due to the lateness of the flight. Amazingly, first class still got their beverage service.

This is a totally poor way of running an airline. Especially one that claims it cares about its customers. It appears that you care only about your First Class and SkyMiles customers only.

In addition, I find your zone boarding system to be totally insulting. Being told by a gate agent not to walk through the Priority lane, even though there was no separation between the two lanes and seeing other passengers, who were in the same zone that I was, walking through the Priority lane as well. This is poorly thought out system, and is insulting to say the least.

For an apology for being late in Detroit, your company gave us a food voucher of $6.00. You have got to be kidding me. Six dollars doesn't even come close to covering any meal in the airports.

And then we were given a transportation credit for the delay of the flight crew, and were told that it was for $25. But in order to get that, Iím going to have to call an 800 number, because Iím not a Delta SkyMiles Member. And seeing that I donít fly that much, what good is it to me? Your apology is unacceptable in both substance and consideration.

I had decided to try flying Delta because of your television ads, but your service was horrible, and your company has done nothing to convince me that you are interested in correcting the problem or that you truly want my business in the future. As a small business owner, I bend over backwards to take care of my customers. All of my customers. Perhaps you should too.

As it stands now, I will NEVER fly Delta Airlines again, and will be happy to tell everyone I know exactly why.

May 29, 2011, 2:10 AM
delta is awful...to me just as bad as southworst. You checked your bag so they charged you a fee. you could have "carried on". and because its on a regional jet and the overhead bins are small you gate check a bag. your bag wont be at the baggage claim but either on the jetbridge or on a cart and you pick it up after you get off the plane right away. these people didnt "check" their bag, these are still considered carry ons..no charge for those (except on spirit lol). the weather in mke the past week has been awful, so who knows whether or not even if your original flight were to be on time it would have left on time. the flight attendant cant do service while on a taxi way or waiting at the end of the runway, so im just going to say at least you recieved a glass of water. i blame the other passengers for not listening as far as the boarding complaint goes, yes the agent should have announced it, but still. i always believe that if an airline is going to charge for a checked bag, and they loose or delay the bag a refund should be given...no doubt. all in all i would say...stay away from delta. i try too unless my company puts me on them. their customer service is awful and like you said...they dont care.