View Full Version : Customer Service My worst flight experience

Jun 10, 2011, 12:57 PM
I just got off flight 84 PHI-SEA (supposed to leave late June 9, actually left June 10)
The lack of humanity of the flight crew was extraordinary. This was one of my worst flight experiences and I have flown a lot for 50 years: Unnecessarily chaotic gate changes, a weather delay. Then we got on board.
The Philly fueling crew left us sitting for an hour while they had a shift change and who knows what else. While the pilot gave occasional updates, the cabin crew did nothing.
Really? USAir's policy is not to keep customers happy with a cold Coke? A peanut? Nada? Mostly they seemed to sit in the back of the plane...where the aft port head was not flushing. Crew sat watching and gave no warning to an older woman as she entered the WC...and left, horrified. Courtesy is extra on US Air?

Jun 10, 2011, 1:59 PM
delays suck...especially weather delays when they can change in a heart beat. the flight attendants cant take the carts out while on the ground due to saftey....if for any reason you would have to evacuate the carts would be in the way, plus as i said delays (for any reason) can change quickly. all of a sudden the captain could say..ok were ready to go, now the crew has to put everything back and its not fair that half the plane recieved service and the other didnt. PHI-SEA isnt exactly a short flight either and if they run out of beverages on the ground then people would complain about no service for that entire flight. now the flight attendants could have came down the aisle with water for the passenger. another thing is some flight attendants tend to think..."were not getting paid right now so were not going to do anything" in that perspective they are right, they aren't getting paid, but it wouldnt kill them to hand out glasses of water or walk up and down the cabin every 10 minutes. if you wanted a coke you could have rang your call button the worst they can say is "im sorry you will have to wait until were in the air but i can get you a glass of water for now".