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Aug 15, 2011, 1:55 AM
I Am Sitting Here Furious As My Son, His Wife, Daughter Aged 7, Son Aged 4 And Baby Aged 9 Months Have Been At Bradley Airport In Connecticut For The Past 10 Hours. They Are Waiting For A Flight (which Was Due To Depart At 6:10 (et) And Arrive At Dfw At 9:00 Pm) Home To Dallas Fort Worth. They Got To The Airport Early As They Were Advised To Do So To Get Seats Together. They Were Informed That There Was A Techinical Problem (i've Heard That So Many Times) And They Were Sorting It Out. However They Did Have A Plan B And If They Could Not Fix The Problem They Would Bring Another Plane In From Boston Within The Hour. That Was Approximately 30 Minutes Before The Scheduled Departure. It Is Now Almost 10 P.m. (et) And They Are Still There. They Have Been Told A Plane Is On Its Way And They Should Depart At 10:45 Approx And Arrive Home At Dfw At 01.30. My Husband And I Are Going To Pick Them Up When They Get In. They Have Not Offered The Children Or Baby So Much As A Drink Of Water, Something To Eat Or Made Any Move To Apologise. The Baby Is "knackered" Excuse My Language But I Am From The Uk And I Am Extremely Angry About This Whole Situation. In Future We Won't Use Aa But I Know They Won't Give A Toss! What A Company, Useless. All The Restaurants Etc At Bradley Are Now Closed, Who Cares, Not American Airlines.

Aug 15, 2011, 3:19 PM
When you can create a readable message without capitalizing every word, maybe I figure out what you're saying. Actually, I can read it, but your complaint isn't worth the headache reading it is giving me.

Aug 15, 2011, 4:51 PM
Strangely enough that is how the message came out. I kept going back to change the upper case letters into lower case but the site would not allow me to amend.
If getting a headache from reading the message (which was no fault of mine) is all you have to worry about then you are very lucky. I think you should get out more!
By the way, thank you for asking how my family got on so I will update you. They arrived at 02:35 a.m. with a 9 month old baby who had been constantly sick on the plane and no help from the attendants offered.
I travel a great deal (even on AA) and I have never encountered such a DISGRACEFUL way that the whole situation was handled.
Seeing that you are an "airline sympathiser" perhaps you have some inside knowledge and can get things changed.

Aug 15, 2011, 4:54 PM
By the way Gromit801, the correct way to spell capitalization is capitalisation as per the English dictionary.

Aug 15, 2011, 5:38 PM
Your post was difficult to read - an Enigma machine may help. While I understand that you are upset with the situation I am left confused. If I understood correctly your family was there for 10 hours? Why did they show up so early for a 6pm (or thereabouts) flight?

As a parent that has traveled extensively with small children I wonder why they did not pack for contingencies? I would NEVER rely on the airline to take care of necessities.

Aug 15, 2011, 7:26 PM
My goodness, I can't believe the replies I have received. My son and his wife attended a Wedding in Vermont, they did some sightseeing and went to the airport early as they were unable to books seats together when they originally made the booking. When they checked in at DFW for the outward trip, the person on the desk advised them to get to BDL airport as early as they could to get seats together, which is what they did. Bearing in mind my son and daughter in law are wonderful parents, including foster parents to children who have had a very bad life, they did take food and drink but after the considerable period of time they were at the airport this ran out.
With regard to the text on my original posting, I did not have any way to change it, as I mentioned before and I don't think it was that bad to warrant criticism when the problem my family encountered was far more important than "capital/lowercase letters"! Come on, what's more important here for goodness sake.

Aug 15, 2011, 9:21 PM
Lazell - I apologize if my post was overly callous.

There seems to be a great deal of the story that has not been told.

Did the infant need medical attention or was he/she just sick? If the baby needed medical attention was it refused by the airline/airport?

I believe that you stated that you are a frequent traveler - delays and cancellations are not unheard of - preparing for unexpected events is vital, especially when you have young ones.

When my children were small I packed accordingly and carried an excessive amount of snacks, games, medications, wooby's, books, et al.

I am not attempting to blame the parents or say that they are "bad".

Write AA - they may respond, they may not.

I would advise your children to prepare more in the future.

Aug 15, 2011, 9:40 PM

I haven't taken offence but I believe you have got the wrong end of the stick slightly. When I said my grandson was sick I meant vomiting all the way home on the plane, not one attendant asked if they could do anything and as he is only 9 months old I believe that is very cold. My son and his wife are 39 and 40 years of age so they are not young inexperienced parents. As I mentioned previously they are parents and wonderful foster parents and have been to many parenting classes and took things to play with and food and drink, however, they did not expect to be at the airport until 11:30 at night (ET).
I thought this website was for complaints but it seems it's open for criticism of the people who write the complaints and not the airline. I won't respond again, I am extremely disappointed.

Aug 15, 2011, 10:01 PM
Just thought I would add something to my post above, the food and drink my family had was purchased at the airport, as you know if you are an experienced traveller, you cannot take food and drink through security. Bearing that in mind they fed and watered the children and themselves. It was not their fault the plane did not turn up on time, it was not their fault the shops and restaurants closed, and it certainly was not their fault this situation occurred.

Aug 16, 2011, 10:55 AM
Yes - I am an experienced traveler. While I have not been to the airport in question I know that the ones that I frequent have vending machines where you can purchase food, water, soft-drinks....even iPods.

In a bad situation it is best to focus on solutions not the problem. It is understandable to be angry but placing blame does not solve anything.

Voice your issues to aa.com and allow them to respond.