View Full Version : Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Worst flight ever

Dec 17, 2011, 8:51 PM
I've just recently come back from a flight from Ohio to Birmingham, UK. Probably the worst trips i've ever experienced and i've been on quite a few.

The first trip from Birmingham to Newark went fine, no delays, everything on time (very rare for Continental in my experience)
Now the delays started to begin. I get to Newark at 12.30pm expecting my flight to Ohio to leave at 3.42pm. Of course just like last time i was on this flight, it gets delayed. No reason given just that the flight was delayed. (Although i guess it was better than getting a blatant lie like the last time about weather. How is it safer to fly out 5 hours later when it's been raining constantly for that time and is now dark?)

Eventually i arrive at Ohio at 8pm, 3 hours later than expected but in my experience that's pretty good for Continental.

I enjoy my trip and then comes the time to get back. Oh the fun i was about to have for the day i didn't know was to come.

I get to Ohio airport at 11am for my 1.30pm flight. I get to check in who tell me oh the flight's been cancelled (again no reason) and that i will be having to go to Washington DC before going to Newark. Nothing i can do about it so i move over to the US Airways desk to be checked in.
US Airways show the same standard of customer service as the "helpers" walk off as i'm putting in my details and decide to have a nice chat between themselves at the desk.
I get through security and onto my plane and get to Newark at the scheduled time. Silly me expecting an airline to not be incompetent i expect my flight to Newark to leave at 2.45pm. After having to go through security AGAIN i learn that the flight is now delayed til 4.25pm. (Again no reason despite asking) I ask the guy will i make my connection to Birmingham on time which would be leaving at 7.03pm. "Oh of course sir" is the response. Silly me for believing that.
We board the plane at 4.25pm and sit there til 5.15pm with absolutely zero communication. Finally the plane whirs into life and the pilot finally comes over the intercom to tell us he was having to re-route the plane into Newark.
So we fly to Newark only to find we're circling it for another 30 minutes. Eventually i land there at 7.10pm missing my flight to Birmingham (just my luck the one flight i needed to be delayed actually leaves on time)

So i go to the Continental desk to tell them i've missed my flight. They tell me they're going to send me to Frankfurt and to go to another desk. I stand there waiting for another 15 minutes as the staff there talk amongst themselves until finally being seen. I ask if my luggage will be on this plane and they tell me yes it will. So this 6 foot 5 guy ends up being given a middle seat where i spend the 7 hour flight cramped inbetween a small person who decides they need their chair all the way back and a lady next to me who fell asleep and was near enough in my seat as well.

So i get to Frankfurt where i have to go through security AGAIN (geez i must have been the safest person to ever fly), think oh the worst is over now. Silly me. We board the plane to Birmingham sitting there and 10 minutes later the pilot tells us that the plane, and this was definitely the best delay out the lot of them, has been delayed because they thought it was going to snow in Birmingham but it didn't but everything is backed up. So i'm on a plane that has been delayed because it DIDN'T snow.

Ok whatever, almost there, no sense getting angry now after all this rubbish i've put up with. I get to luggage claim thinking the worst is over. Silly me, continental still has one surprise left over for me. My luggage is still in Newark. So i have to fill in forms and get it back the next day.

Needless to say i am extremely fed up with this airline and isn't it strange how the same flight keeps being delayed because of "weather" nothing to do with the fact that there isn't enough people on it and so they delay it for the next scheduled time to get a full flight eh?

Shocking service and can bet i will be looking for another route to Ohio next time away from this awful airline