View Full Version : In-flight Issue Unprofessional flight attendant and terrible food.

Dec 25, 2011, 10:17 PM
I flew Continental (Economy) from Mumbai to Newark on the 24th Dec. This is my first time traveling by that airline, my husband and I used Lufthansa for our flight into India. And what a difference between the two especially the behaviour and attitude of the flight attendants.

Yesterday when we boarded and were seated, the flight attendants were coming around to check for seat belts, one stopped by me and said, "Do you remember me?" I was somewhat surprised thinking he was maybe someone I knew in the US. Then he proceeded to say I'd made a face at him when entering the plane. I was astounded, for one that sticking tongue out kind of face he claimed I made is something I never do, not even with folks I know let alone a random stranger. Then he proceeded to say it wasn't very nice of me..blah blah..all this loudly within earshot of several passengers. I was stunned and stammered that if I had I was sorry. Once I got over the shock,and thinking back I knew I had not done what he said. I stopped him and asked if he'd mistaken me for someone else. He said it might be possible, but no apology. I am just completely astounded at this unprofessional behaviour, would be one thing if he stopped me right when I allegedly made this face at him. But to come by later not being completely sure if it was indeed me, is just ridiculous. I suspect if I weren't of Indian origin he wouldn't dare behave in that manner.

Many of the flight attendants on the flight had a very condescending attitude, I was completely appalled. Especially in contrast to the Lufthansa staff on our flights into India, who were so professional and efficient.

And the food - two meals for a sixteen hour flight, contrast this with two meals on each of the less than 10 hr legs on Lufthansa. The food was terrible, the "breakfast" had a potato patty that wasn't completely thawed, unseasoned eggs that had congealed into a disgusting texture. Not sure if this is an issue with food out of Mumbai or Continental settling for cheap crap. Unfortunately I was starving and had to choke down some of it and felt crummy for several hours after.

It was my first time (and most definitely last) flying Continental.