View Full Version : Customer Service Charge for Past Flight!

Jan 28, 2012, 5:14 PM
I purchased a ticket through the US Airways website and noticed that I was charged twice for $$200. This was not my first time using their website to purchase airline tickets and was surprised that instead of the regular authorization hold that shows on my bank account when I purchase from US Airways, I instead saw two charges for $200. I immediately contacted a US Airways agent who admitted to their mistake with the website and I was refunded immediately for one of the charges. I was assured on the phone that I would receive a receipt, a new confirmation, and that my seat was reserved for my October departure date.
When arriving at the gate for my departure flight to leave DFW I asked the agents if I had a seat reservation and if they knew when I would get a receipt of purchase for my travel. They assured me that US Airways would email me the confirmation and receipt in a few days. So, I was surprised that a few days ago I received an email from US Airways explaining to me that a recent audit found that I had not been charged for travel in October. Knowing that I had talked to a US Airways representative by telephone and a US Airways gate agent about my travel arrangements and assured that I would have verification of my purchase either that day (the night I called about the two charges) or within a couple of days.
I called a US Airways agent a few days ago and they told me that I would need to email [email protected] and [email protected] I emailed both of those addresses, as well as [email protected] , the original sender of my audit email. I had to email twice because I did not get a reply at least acknowledging that my inquiry was being investigated. In my emails I explained that I was told that I had been charged for one of my tickets and that their website had made a mistake originally by billing me twice in the amount of $200. I also informed them that I never received a receipt of my original transaction. I stated I was upset with the customer service of US Airways who on the phone could not correct or put me in contact with anyone who could correct the mistake they made. I ended my emails by saying that I was not happy with being billed 3-4 months after my original purchase and that I was not informed of this error sooner.
I finally received a response from the exchange audit email address that reexplained the situation that I already understood. I followed up with an email reply to her discussing that I was upset at the way US Airways was going back to a customer 4 months later to charge them for a flight already taken. I requested that my complaint about not being charged be resolved due to an error on US Airways end. I also requested it be done in a timely manner.
I received a phone call today from someone in the accounting department yesterday who exhibited poor customer service. I am a loyal US Airways customer, however was talked to as if I did not have a clue what I was talking about and that-in her exact words "there was no way she or anyone else would allow me to travel for free on a flight I had already taken". I told her my situation explaining to her why I called the US Airways agent on the date of my original purchase, what I was told by the agent and subsequent agents on my travel date, and that I was still allowed to travel on my ticket on a new reservation number. I asked if there was someone else I could talk to and was told that she was a supervisor and that there was no one else at the company above her or below who would be able to help out my situation. I did not appreciate the tone of voice, volume of voice (as she raised her voice several times at me), and most importantly no admittance that it was a mistake on US Airways part and that they valued my business. She then gave me a lesson on what an authorization hold was, as if I didn't know what one was. As someone who has bought several tickets, as recently as last month, I knew what a bank authorization hold was and didn't need the lesson. I have continued to seek a resolution on this matter considering they have had a recent quarter where their profits were better than ever. They may have lost a very loyal customer due to their mishandling of my cc, information, and for very poor customer service.