1) How do I post a complaint?

2) When should I post a complaint?

3) What happens when I post a complaint?

4) What should I do after posting a complaint on your site?

5) Are these airline complaint sites run by the actual airlines?

6) Will the airlines respond to my complaint if I post it in one of your sites?

7) Why are the complaint sites for each airline a forum?

8) I can't find a complaint site for my airline, what should I do?

9) Aren't you violating the airlines trademarks with the domain names and logos?


1) How do I post a complaint on your site?

Simply sign-up (which is FREE and easy), visit the complaint forum for your specific airline, and click the big "Post a Complaint" button. It couldn't be easier!


2) When should I post a complaint on your site?

As soon as possible after experiencing ANY problem with the airline. However, it does not matter how long ago it happened, we still want to hear about it! After posting your original complaint, please remember to post a follow-up so we know if your matter was resolved or not. Hold the airlines accountable!


3) What happens when I post a complaint?

It immediately becomes public and we notify the airline directly that your complaint has been filed with us.


4) What should I do after posting a complaint?

If you haven't already done so, contact the airline and file a formal complaint with them and let them know you've also lodged it with us by including the URL address (e.g. link) to your specific complaint on our site (that way they can confirm that it is posted publicly). 


5) Is run by the airlines themselves?

No, our team never have been employees of any airline. This ensures the complaint forums remain independent and objective and out of the control of the airlines and in the control of the customers - the way it should be.


6) Will the airlines respond to my complaint posted in one of your sites?

In some cases, yes!  It depends on the airline and how important they feel their customers are to them.  As continues to grow to a point where no airline can afford to ignore us, we expect all airlines to respond to customer complaints directly on our site. This will ensure they can be held accountable for how they respond to your complaint under the watchful eye of the public. You may also get a helpful response from other customers who have had a similar experience to yours and who may instruct you on the best way of resolving your matter.


7) Why are the complaint sites for each airline a forum?

Because we believe that's the absolute best medium for a public complaint site. A forum makes it easy to post and categorize complaints, respond to complaints, and search for complaints, while simultaneously making every post public for anyone, including non-members, to read. It has the added benefit of creating a community of users than can help and support each other with their issues when the airlines won't.


8) I can't find a complaint section for for my airline, what should I do?

No problem, simply post your complaint in the "Other Airlines" section. If we receive enough complaints about an airline, we will create a specific section for it in the main section of the forum, so make sure you post your complaint. We are constantly expanding and building new complaint forums and expect to have a complaint forum for every major airline in the world.


 9) Aren't you violating the airlines trademarks with the domain names and logos?

Not at all. It is Fair Use and is protected by free speech. For more information, please read this.

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