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jim crowe Nov 28, 2015 10:47 AM

Flight KA 803 Shanghai to Hong Kong Nov 28 2015
I am sitting in the Cathay Pacific lounge in Hong Kong, instead of being on my way to HCM. Flight KA 803 Shanghai to Hong Kong Nov 28 2015 delayed by 2+ hours as one of the pilots stated on the intercom that he saw “…hydraulic fluid…” coming out of a coupling. (Perhaps this should be done by engineering staff or the pilots can do the walk around earlier.) It seriously inconvenienced 250+ passengers.
I was met at Hong Kong by a Cathay representative who told me I needed to get a boarding pass for my connection to HCM. I ran to the ticket counter, woman (J……. XXXX) refused to give me boarding pass. Ran back to the 1st rep who had taken 3 other passengers to the gate. She sent another rep back to help me get a boarding pass. By the time we had done this the flight was closed. CX put me on a UAL flight at 11.10 PM. 6 hour delay plus the 2 hours in Shanghai, in total 8 hours.
Although the 1st event was an engineering one, it could have been avoided if Cathay were more diligent of engineering in Shanghai.
The missing of the flight in Hong Kong was caused by lack of care by the person who was supposed to be giving me a boarding pass. I find her actions so unusual – not like the normal Cathay Service which is brilliant.
An estimate of the amount of money I have spent this year with CX is USD 20,000.
I am presently wondering why I should spend the same amount next year.

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