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nagarajay Apr 20, 2017 2:17 PM

Didn't refund my money they owed me
Had to change travel dates and the call center agent tells me 'Go to airport ticketing, they will process refund and give you your money'.

Went to airport ticketing agent, he had no idea what to do. Gave me an email address to contact. I email and sent all the details, reference numbers, attached tickets and everything. The person kept asking me for same details again and again - give me ticket number, reference number, blah blah; when ALL of this information was provided in the initial email I sent.

Waited 3 weeks and then sent a tweet which got response immediately. They opened another case. Didn't ask for information but pushed the email address provided to process this.

Now they started asking for bank info, ID and all other information. When provided, the answer is this won't work, I want that. US Bank account needed with this and that details. They won't accept the payment method that was used to purchase the ticket, or bank account of the passenger. At this point, more than a month and some change, I quit pursuing this matter.

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