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anuprathi1 Feb 22, 2019 6:47 PM

Flight cancellation and additional cost/ inconvenience
I booked my flights through Qatar Airways for the first time for my trips as below.
1. Onward - Winnipeg to Nagpur (1st Feb 2019)
2. Return - Nagpur to Vancouver (12th Feb 2019)

I was notified by call on 11th afternoon that the flight on 12th (Nagpur to Doha) was cancelled and there was no email received in this regard. The QA telephone agent was not able to offer me any other option which could've helped me reach Vancouver by the same time.

I was suppose to exhibit my company at one of the largest exhibitions (Buildex) in Vancouver (on 13th and 14th Feb) and so had to reach Vancouver before 13th morning. I had to forcefully cancel my return itinerary through QA airways and buy a fresh ticket through Jet Airways which helped me reach Vancouver on 13th morning.

I had spent huge amount on this ticket and only received a small refund on my return journey cancellation with QA; costing me almost $600 US more to do this trip.

There was no compensation for the additional cost and inconvenience caused due to untimely notification and cancellation of my flight.

I believe it is very unfair of the airlines to simply cancel flights based on less passengers and reschedule it; I have heard quite a few instances of QA flight cancellations for flights in and out of Nagpur. This could have costed my a few thousand dollars (exhibition cost) if I wasn't able to make Vancouver on time.

Below was a casual reply from the airline customer care with no consideration towards their customers!
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. I am very sorry to learn of your disappointment.

There are occasions based on slot availability, aircraft rotation or other business needs that we must make changes to our flight schedule. It is for this reason that our schedules can never be guaranteed. We refer to our Conditions of Carriage.

Our staff do their best to notify passengers and provide them with the best options for rebooking. I apologize if the options were not suitable for your needs.

I regretfully cannot offer you complimentary compensation or refund of the new ticket purchased.

Once again please accept my apologies for the inconvenience. I hope this will not discourage you from traveling with Qatar Airways.

Hell Ya! I am not travelling with Qatar ever and encourage the same to anyone I meet!

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