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Paulechols Jun 30, 2009 7:06 PM

GPS stolen from Baggage in Chicago
On May 11 th 2009 my GPS was stolen out of my checked baggage. I actually saw my baggage get on the plane in Fargo. I had a lay over in Chicago before my final destination Manchester New Hampshire. My bag did not arrive with me in Manchester. The United baggage rep said it was found on Pier 12 in Chicago. Evidently some United employee rummaged my bag and stole a fanny pack that had a Garmin GPS, GPS charger, dash mount and my cell phone car charger in it and left the bag not bothering to get it to the next cart for processing.

United at first told me they were not responsible and please fly them again. I wrote a letter to the President of United. He had a minion Customer service rep send me a 150.00 travel voucher. I sent the President a copy of the email I sent to our corporate travel office asking them not to route me on United ever again and a copy of an email to our director warning employees of theft from United baggage.

What an insult to send me a voucher for 150.00 to replace 500.00 worth of GPS, Map updates, chargers and accesories plus a 40.00 leather fanny pack. I have vowed never to spend another dime with United if I can help it. I will also avoid Chicago if at all possible. Last year I flew 12 trips which was 20 flights for business. Eight of those flights were on United. Now in the grand picture of airline miles I am just a drop in the bucket, but you can count on me to make them loose 500.00 in profit from me before I ever fly with them again.

I have also passed this story on to all my friends and co-workers, many of whom fly for business. If United ever needs a bailout again I will be the first to contact my representatives in government and urge them to let this airline die and let the vultures scavenge the pieces. Surely a better airline would rise from the ashes. Any company that has the gall to charge money for handling luggage and then deny any responsibility for the luggage deserves to fail. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

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