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spainfly Dec 31, 2016 6:01 AM

Worst Customer Service Ever
We were connecting from LHR and the flight got delayed 2 hours which caused a missed connecting flight. However, they did send out baggage to our destination without us.
Nobody advised we weren't going to make it to our destinations until we arrived to the closed gate.
Ollie from customer service checked that our baggage was sent to OAK and that she only had one flight left for tonight to San Francisco otherwise we would have to pay for the accomodation and get a flight the next day. She printed the boarding passes to San Francisco sitting my husband and myself separately. Which after all seem unacceptable and we complained about it so she got upset and decided to change our flight to the next day saying that then we need to pay for the accomodation.
She treated us like garbage with very bad manners until we asked to talk to her supervisor. Then she started lying saying she didn't know we had our bags sent to Oak (which she confirm calling some colleagues).
At this stage we are going to San Francisco and we need to pick up our baggage tomorrow at Oak.

Reycro Apr 5, 2017 6:14 AM

Agreed AAs customer service can be pretty shoddy.

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