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rogerh62 Jun 22, 2017 12:47 AM

American Airlines Poor Poor Service
My daughter is just entering the business world, and before she started her new job, she decided to take a trip to Australia. On her way back she was routed through Dallas and onto American Airlines (partner to Qantas), which was a part of the overall trip, she didn't pick them.

The first issue happened when her, and about 10 of her fellow travelers arrived on time to Dallas, but it took some time to get to the gate. They were asked to line up at the ticket counter, while the door shut and the plane pulled away. My guess is that they didn't care that one of their partner airlines had passengers coming, they filled the seats so they wouldn't have to pay for volunteers to an oversold airline. Ok, so they were a minute late, so on we go.

She was handed a ticket at that same American Airlines counter on the next flight out, 2 hours later. Remember that this is all after a 16 hour flight, and a 90 minute lay over. So now she would be going on 19 1/2 hours since she took off for the trip home. She waited till boarding only to find out when she went to scan the ticket (that American Airlines gave her), that it 'wasn't valid'...?

So, they asked her to stand aside and went on to fill the plane, even calling numerous people from the standby list while she was still standing there. When she questions the fact that she had a ticket, she was told to wait. Then to her horror, they closed the gate door and the plane departed! They then called technical support, never told her what the problem was, and handed her a new ticket for 2 hours later....

So when a passenger has this happen to them, do SOMETHING to make it right. Was it that she was a girl? Was it that she was young? Was it that you are working for one of the worst airlines in the US and simply don't care anymore? You had a chance to save a customer, but likely lost a customer for life. Granted, she has flown all over the world, and on many airlines with much less sophistication in systems, and have never felt so poorly served.

If you can avoid American Airlines, we suggest you do, if even to pay more for the empathy of a caring company.

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