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Dolphe Sep 1, 2012 10:22 PM

Austrian Airlines - Terrible London Varna trip
I am writing due to the horrific journey with Air Austria from London to Varna that I had recently. Of all my extensive travels worldwide this has to be the worst journey I have ever had to endure and the complete lack of organisation and consideration for disrupted passengers was quite simply unbelievable! Considering these disruptions to my journey would have caused me to miss a wedding at which I was the best man were of scant interest to the Air Austria staff and I would have missed the wedding altogether had it not been for another passenger in the same predicament as me who gave me a lift.
Having arrived at Vienna airport, we were informed that our connecting flight had been moved from Gate G32 to gate D32, on the other side of the airport! Having gone through 2 security checks and raced to the other end of the airport on foot, we were informed that the gate was closed and the plane had not waited for us to make our way to the new terminal. Not only is this poor planning on behalf of the airline, but shows a complete lack of consideration for passengers who have paid a significant amount of money and expect the same level of service considered standard on other airlines.
Myself and all the other inconvenienced passengers then tried to find an alternative route to Varna at the customer service desk, only to be told that a) There were no flights for the rest of the day & b) tomorrow’s flight was full so they could not accommodate us that way either.
After much complaining and deliberations I was finally put on a flight to Sophia and then on to Burgas, at which point I had to make my own way to Varna. This was truly appalling as not only did I miss the wedding preparations due to spending an extra half day at Vienna airport, but the only form of compensation we were given was a 12 Euro voucher, which barely covered a sandwich and a drink! Upon asking if there was anywhere to take a shower I was told that I would have to pay 35 Euro’s to have access to the lounge! Having then waited the whole day, caught two connecting flights and arrived in Burgas at 9pm, there was no help from Austrian airlines in finding my way to Varna. I had to rely on the generosity of a travel companion who had a car to take me there!
This episode has left me bitterly disappointed with Austrian Airlines, their staff, and the way they treat their passengers. I have since dissuaded a colleague from using your airline and will definitely not be recommending this service at any point in the future!

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