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DannyC Jan 5, 2016 10:05 PM

Stranded and ripped off by Spirit
I fly a lot, on a variety of airlines, and decided to give Spirit a shot when I purchased round-trip tickets (via Priceline) for relatives coming from Houston to Denver for Christmas. At the airport in Houston they got hit with ridiculous and exorbitant undisclosed fees. Upon their return departure from Denver back to Houston they were informed, just prior to boarding, that their flight was canceled. Spirit offered two options: a return flight 3 days later or a refund of half the ticket price. In other words, Spirit Airlines' solution was to strand their passengers at the airport for 3 days. Spirit would not put them on another airline to get them home. Spirit would not provide food or hotel vouchers for the 3 days they would be stranded. And the 1/2 refund would not come anywhere close to being enough to purchase tickets home on another airline on such short notice. Additionally, we were informed that the refund would take a week to post. To add insult to injury, we spent literally hours on the phone trying to get through to customer service, who--when they did finally answer--were rude and utterly useless. Spirit Airlines is absolutely, without question, the worst airline I have ever dealt with. Not just bad... despicable.

A week later and Spirit Airlines issued a credit, but only for 1/4 of the amount, not 1/2 like they promised. I spent more hours on the phone speaking with barely intelligible and generally clueless customer service reps trying to get my money back as agreed. They attempted to mislead and obfuscate but eventually gave in and agreed to refund the other 1/4 to make the 1/2 that they had originally promised (which is still a crappy deal). Time will tell if the refund actually gets issued. I've come to believe that this airline is not just horrible in their treatment of customers but is actually intentionally dishonest.

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