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thijsbroekkamp May 19, 2016 8:50 PM

AirAsia refused me boarding flight
AirAsia refused me to board on their flight from melbourne to Shanghai because they said I need a visum which is incorrect as I qualified for the 144 transit visa. They refuse to reply to my complaint and I have no idea where to file my complaint now. i can't find any official consumer/protection organisation or something.

This is the situation (as I wrote to AirAsia)

Dear sir/madam,

I booked a flight with you that was leaving last Thursday (21 april 2016) from Melbourne to Shanghai (flight D7 215 to Kuala Lumpur & D7 330). However, I was denied boarding because I did not have a pre-arranged visa. But I was staying in Shanghai for 4 days, and had already my flight booked leaving Shanghai. That means that I can get a 144 hour transit visa. Everywhere on the internet it clearly states that in my situation I was eligible for such a visa. See for example this website:
I fulfilled all the requirements.
-My passport is from a listed country (the Netherlands)
-I would have arrived at one of the designated port of entries in China (Shanghai)
-I had a ticket proving onward travel & leaving within the time limit.
Such a transit visa should be requested upon arrival in China at the immigration officer.
The employee did not consult the TiMATIC database which should tell them that I would be allowed such a visa. I entered my details in the IATA travel centre
which tells me the same, see attached file. I also did this check with Skyteam. I also asked china Southern airlines when I was at the Melbourne airport and they told me as well that I was allowed to fly to Shanghai and acquire a transit visa.
Concluding that I should have been allowed on that flight. I had to be in Amsterdam before the 25th of april. Due to this situation I was forced to buy a ticket to Amsterdam that day which costed me 1114 dollars. As well missing the flight from Shanghai and not being able to spend my days in Shanghai. I also attached my onward ticket departing from Shanghai and the ticket I had to buy to leave Melbourne for Amsterdam. I trust you will resolve this situation in an appropriate manner as I should never be denied boarding on this flight and this situation caused me a lot of inconvenience, not to mention serious financial trouble for which I want to be refunded, as well not being able to spend the planned days in Shanghai.

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